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  1. Wings??

    I once made wings to my girlfriend for photo session. First, cut out the base by the shape of the wing, and insert the wire into its end to keep them in the right direction. Then we sew with threads: the very top of the wing, along the bottom edge of the wire, along the bottom edge of the hand. Then we cut out the feathers each separately, necessarily along the fracture, and not across, so that there are no feathering of the feathers, and then sew with white threads each individually, the lower ones can be made with a stapler or double-sided scotch tape. To be honest, it was harder than make any homework assignment for college...In black painted with alcohol markers - a long and tedious process. You can try aerosol enamel, but it's black enamel that erases and crumbles, the rest of the colors hold better. So, you can buy cheap essay online with such tutorial or use mine. Good luck!
  2. Uta no Prince Sama, Shining Live

    I’ve been following UtaPri through the anime for a few years now. I loved it like no other, but I had a couple qualms with the game. This game is really well made and the different difficulty levels and unlockable songs keep things interesting. But I really don't have enough time for it... Now I'm a student and my free time is all about doing homework assignments and writing college essay online... Chicago is my hometown! But now I located in Toronto because of my studying ... I plan to visit my relatives on holidays, if I'll have free time, we can meet up.
  3. Favorite Anime Quotes

    “We are all like fireworks. We climb, shine, and always go our separate ways and become further apart. But even if that time comes, let’s not disappear like a firework, and continue to shine forever.” Hitsugaya Toushiro (Bleach) This one is my favorite, ones or twice, I put it when I write my assignment, as for me, it's really full of deep meaning. I think, there're lots of useful and powerful quotes in anime\mangs, even my teacher at college has the same opinion as I!