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  1. In 2013, the ball was fantastic. As big as it needed to be, the music was kept for the most part, tight and formal, being mostly ballroom and latin with occasional deviation. Quite rapidly, it shifted away from that. Ballroom became less and less commin to the point where in 2017, I think a single ballroom song was played. This year started out looking like 2013 but became 2017 by the end. To me, this shows a mistargeting. I understand not everyone wants a fully formal ball. That's fine, the ball doesnt need to be a huge event with snacks and elaborate lights. It could keep formal for those who do want formal, with a fancier playlist. The decreased size could also mean a removed cost, as ACen is the only anime convention I know of that charges for a seperate ticket to its ball, and I go to many local cons. And I understand that people requested many if not all of the informal songs played at the ball. That's why the title is what it is, I think that a dance with music catering to that crowd could exist, possibly with the cost and luxury and size the ball shrinking and going free as of my strategy would leave. I understand the demand for that exists. The waltz was taught at the ball. It was taught well, as it is every year. The point of these lessons should be to get everyone a baseline of knowledge so you can play more songs that fit in confidence that people will know how to dance to it. Instead, it seemed to be just to waste everyone's time, as post-lessons was when the excellent start ended. I predict the official staff response will be "It's not a ball, it's a prom" as the staffer i emailed about the tracklist said. Once I got that information, they said there would be a balance of music, which there was not. I argue to the prom rebuttal: the schedule calls it the Formal Ball. My ticket calls it a Formal Ball. The site calls it a Formal Ball. The email to contact is Crystalball@ACen.org. If it's a prom instead, this is false advertizing and that should be righted. Instead of assuming that, though, I'm suggesting a change that will satisfy everyone. Gencon runs it similarly, having a small formal run by Dancing and Dragons (though I believe a different company is running it this year) and a much larger casual dance run by Geek and Sundry, and it works fantastically.