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  1. Hampton Inn & Suites room transfer

    Hello A friend is trying to get rid of her room because she is not able to go and doesn't want to let the space go to waste. So she is looking for someone to take over the room. It is at the Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont Chicago O'hare and the room is 169/night from Friday to Sunday. It is not near the convention center at least 10 minutes away by car/uber/lyft/carpool. Only looking for serious people and replies only.
  2. In search of new con friends

    Hello! Not my first time to ACen but my first time here to the forum so please to meet you all! I am in search of new friends to meet up and hang out with this year's convention so I don't feel so alone, kinda. So here goes my introduction and I'm really not good at these at all lol, my name is Asch, they/them pronouns, I use to live in Chicago, moved around a couple of times and now live in Haysville, KS. Started attending ACen back in99 and every year after that before I moved. I did a couple of cosplays in the past like Iori, Belial and a bunch of OCs. I'm currently watching black clover, how to keep a mummy, darling in the franxx, citrus, the new card captor Sakura just to name a few. I'm currently remaking Iori, working on Zero-two and my own version of the inquisitor from DA:I. I'm looking for friends over 25 and up and the location is not an issue. If you would like to make a new friend before ACen, feel free to add me on FB, you would have message first because I have it where to only friends of friends can add. https://www.facebook.com/blvkdeathroyale
  3. Looking for room for the Aloft hotel

    Hello, My roomies for the convention bailed out of going (due to family issues) and so I’m looking for at least two to four people to fill the room. The room is rented from the 18th thru the 20th only. It's a king size bedroom but has an let couch for an extra bed space and only 3 to 10 mins from the convention center depending on how you are getting there. If you are driving it's about 3 minutes away, $18 a day for parking but there are other places for parking, 3 minutes by bus and10 minutes away from walking. I would like to at least get to know you during the months before the convention before actually meeting up. If you are interested please respond here or send me a message via FB. The name is Asch Meijer with zero-two as the icon. Thanks Update: I am not looking for any more roommates thanks!