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  1. Yeah, at this point, I calling this off. though I'm more then likely not going to any other con this year. but I might bring this idea back up for next years ACen if anyone would still be interested by then
  2. Actually, that's what I was hoping for feedback on, I do have a rough idea, but would be open for ideas. but basically i was thinking the core uniforms would be white buttondowns with blue slacks/skirts, and of course if there was something character based that they wanted to add or modify (like say D.va's headphones or Zarya's sleeves being rolled up/removed) that'd be cool. Maybe also get some ofthe original overwatch members as teachers for this
  3. So nothing concrete at the moment but I was curious to see if there was a 'market', so to speak, for a group cosplay of overwatch characters in a high school setting(some as students and maybe the older characters as teachers), I've already got a good idea for how to do Genji in this style and am interested if other people would like to join in. if people want to do this then we can discuss what the uniform would be and stuff like that
  4. me and my brothers were planning to do civilian cosplays of Emu, Hiro, and Taiga so we'd be down for joining in.
  5. .hack// gathering 2018

    Since I submitted for (one out of the possible many) .Hack// photoshoot gathering(s), I was just looking to get an idea of the cosplays that'll be there. I'm asking this as to better get a feel for the order that I'll call. So if you'd be so kind as to say which character you're planning on being and if there are any requests for photos that you'd like, as in specific groups/shippings/battle line-ups/etc. Thank you
  6. shin megami tensei/Persona 2018 gathering

    Cant wait, Some of the most fun at ACen happens at the midnight shoot in my opinion