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  1. Artist Alley 2019 Notification

    Once the Lottery Submission process closes, we begin our community review, to ensure that the product categories reported on the submissions match the online portfolios. Once this is completed, each viable submission is pulled at random to fill the open categories in the hall, until the tables are all assigned. We have no time table for this process, as it can fluctuate based on the number of submissions, and the number of individuals helping to verify submissions match portfolios, but we are trying very hard to have it completed before November is out. To address your concerns related to number of a certain product type in the hall, we distribute the lottery numbers according to what we see in the market nationwide, and based on submission volume. We do not artificially increase the prevalence of any category based solely on any individual’s product type preferences. To address your concerns about the ethnicity of artists in attendance, we do not ask for nor research an individual’s ethnicity.
  2. 2019 Artist Alley Lottery

    Hi Brianne, The Artist Alley Lottery has opened and closed on the same dates for the past several years. We do apologize if anyone missed the announcements on our social media outlets, and our website. Approval emails for the lottery have not gone out yet. We are still reviewing the submissions to confirm that the product categories selected for intended sales are the products displayed on the online portfolio. We also review the applicants to confirm that retailers are not attempting to obtain an Artist Alley location, when they should be applying for a retail location in that portion of the hall.
  3. Does anyone know 2019 Dates for ACen

    Hi CharlesUrbach, Our 2019 dates are May 17-19th.
  4. Registration opening date?

    The Hyatt and the Registration system are slated to open September 1st. The other hotels are not scheduled to open on September 1st. When we know more information, we will release that on the website first.
  5. Registration opening date?

    Randy you already have information about hotel rooms, specifically the hyatt, from Purplegodess. The other hotel room blocks won't (and don't) open until after the Hyatt opens, so by process of elimination we can accurately infure that the other hotels will be announced after the Hyatt. As for general registration, I just told you the date for this year (which was also the date for 2016). Am I misunderstanding your question/comment?
  6. I see some activity

    In previous years multiple people, department, etc... wanted to be in charge of this. The problem was, just like any business, you have to have a singular voice, otherwise announcements and messages seems disingenuous, awkward, and rushed. This past year our upper management team decided to fix that and dedicate a singular department to fulfill those duties. Then closer to the convention, they were granted staff to manage it. So, where as I think the progress was slow, we should see a renewed effort and updates on those platforms. Not necessarily. Many different companies and organizations have different structures, and do not follow the 70's and 80's basic design any longer. For example, our Press Department is separate from our Art and Media department, because they have different duties before the event and during the event. This really isn't a GR related post though, so I will digress. Thank you for bringing your frustrations to our attention. As a General Topic, our 2017 convention year just started a month or so ago. Our team has been working on signing guests for our 20th anniversary, and I'm excited to see what is going to be announced in the coming months.
  7. Registration opening date?

    Traditionally opening of Registration is September 1st. If you purchased a membership at the end of the 2016 event, for the 2017 event, then it already opened :)
  8. ACen guest list vs.....

    We agree, having the information posted on our website at the very least concurrently with Facebook and Twitter is something that needs to happen. I can say there is a large number of staff that feel the same way, and that is something that is being actively worked on to improve for the 20th anniversary!
  9. ACen guest list vs.....

    I agree, it is a bit difficult to coordinate the exact opening time with the hotels and to post it at the same time on the website. Since people call in, we can't announce on the site before people figure out about it by calling in. So we have to time it exactly when the person from the hotel clicks the activate button (or what ever they do). I know it is something we are working on to try and make sure we are both syncing our watches. :)
  10. Cannot upload new avatar or profile photo

    We are working on fixing some of the functionalities of the forums. This past year a big effort was made to update our website, and so the forums with decreased traffic lagged a bit behind. Course the forums have been visited less and less, even before the validation took a bit longer. I am actually the only logged in member right now, and I remember in the hay day my name didn't even appear on the list of active users (I had to expand the group and use the find/search option in my browser to find me name). You bring up a great point though, and we are working on it :)
  11. ACen guest list vs.....

    I can help shed some light on this, and some of the comments about a lack of response on the forums. Communication: On the forums the email notification isn't cooperating. So it is harder to know when someone posts on the forums, otherwise you can see through the archives that ACen and the staff have been very responsive :) We are working on getting it fixed but many of you have seen that traffic has slowed down here a LOT (not that that is an excuse), but with more and more people using Facebook groups more and more of the attention on answering questions is moved over there. It is sad that people think that means we don't care, or that the rest of the convention doesn't matter, because we really do care, and we try and make the entire experience as amazing as possible. We wouldn't be staffing conventions if we didn't care, and we have heard the GR comments loud and clear. Guests: It is a combination of a number of things. For one, ACen falls right around a rather significant Japanese Holiday, so sometimes that can contribute to the difference you see. Another reason, ACen also falls right before the large studios announce their big titles that year, and we want to keep the guest list up-to-date and exciting. Repeating the same guests over and over means you don't get to see other talent, you don't have a chance to get different autographs or meet other talented members of the guest community. Some conventions like to do just that though, and you can see that those conventions have feedback requesting new guests, but it just doesn't seem to happen. I've stopped going to a number of conventions because I've meet the talent there so many years it feels like we are on a first name basis. I might be in the minority but I appreciate being able to see new faces each year when I get a chance to get in line for an autograph :) You also have to consider that guests are people too. I know one year a significant number of the guests we were going after couldn't attend, all for legitimate reasons (relative's wedding, voicing a new series and couldn't get out of the recording commitment, relative had cancer, etc...), and it was heart breaking. Sometimes that happens though, and I am not saying that happens all the time, but guests are people too. Now I can't speak about what happened this year, because frankly you can see I am not in GR and I don't know the specifics. What I can say is that El Ken and the GR team have already hit the ground running for the 20th :) Technically our 2016 convention year just ended last week Thursday and I am beyond excited for this coming year, and from what I have seen come out of GR already. The 20th really is going to be amazing, as it should be! :) Configuration: ACen isn't structured internally the same way smaller cons are structured. It just isn't possible given the size, and sheer number of questions. Our ConComm doesn't do what other conventions ConComms do, and designating one person to answering questions isn't feasible either. We have an entire team of people manning email inboxes, and people on the ACen Forums and Facebook pages/groups. It is hella challenging, but most of the questions are answered rather quickly (less a few topics not everyone is versed on). It is something that we could improve on, I can agree with that, and we have made leaps and bounds in certain areas. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with this coming year, I know I am. Don't get me wrong I am not saying it will be better next year, I am saying it already is better, but it is one week into the new convention year... ElKen and the GR team have brought some amazing guests to ACen over the years, I know most of you remember them, and the 20th is slated to knock you socks off.
  12. BriGuy was a fantastic addition to the Exhibit Space team! :)
  13. AA/Exhibitor Feedback 2016?

    Thank you! I wish I could have gotten the map out sooner, but the layout program we used this year wasn't export friendly for website images. I am going to work to have it out sooner, along with a cleaner file.
  14. AA/Exhibitor Feedback 2016?

    There has been very little feedback on the Exhibit Space feedback forms in years past, so we opted to rely on the general survey and emails.
  15. Power Drop + Internet?

    Anime Central stopped providing power for a discounted price a number of years ago ( I want to say back in 2011 ), due to the failure to break even, and people stealing power without paying for it. If you still see something that says we do, anywhere, please let me know and I will work to have that taken down ASAP. If you require electricity, you will be required to purchase it through the Rosemont Exposition Services. The same goes for Internet, unless you have a suitable alternative.