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  1. The "damn" Thread

    Damn, what did I miss?
  2. Yusuke Kozaki

    I really enjoy this guy's work. From No More Heroes to Fire Emblem Awakening. I think he would be a great guest for ACen.
  3. Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83

    He died a year ago.
  4. Yuu Watase and/or Arina Tanemura

    Totally concur Yuu Watase! Fushigi Yuugi was the anime that got me into anime.
  5. Sailor Moon

    I'll be bringing my Tuxedo Mask cosplay this year ^_^
  6. Taku Iwasaki

    Taku Iwasaki previously came to ACen in 2004. I think it would be awesome to get him back again! Since then, he continues to score music for anime series such as Black Cat (2005) Angel Heart (2005) BinchÅ-tan (2006) ÅŒban Star-Racers (2006) Kekkaishi (2006) 009-1 (2006) Gurren Lagann (2007) Persona: Trinity Soul (2008) Soul Eater (2008) Black Butler (2009) Katanagatari (2010) C (anime) (2011) Heaven's Memo Pad (2011) Ben-To (2011) Jormungand (2012) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency (2012) Gatchaman Crowds (2013) Noragami (2014) The Irregular at Magic High School (2014) Akame ga Kill! (2014) Magic Kaito 1412 (2014) What do you think? :)
  7. Studio Trigger?

    The animation studio behind Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia have been to a couple conventions this year. Next year they will premiere Little Witch Academia 2 at an anime con in April. I wonder if there's a chance if they can make it to ACen too.
  8. Anime/Manga Separated at Birth?

    Digimon Adventure Bokura no War Game and Summer Wars. From the same director, but still =p
  9. Sailor Moon 2014

    I cosplayed Tuxedo Mask last year for the photoshoot. I wonder if I should bring it back again.
  10. Final Fantasy 2014

    I'm planning on going as Cloud from FF VII Advent Children. :D
  11. Kikuko Inoue

    That would be awesome! I'd love to have Kikuko Inoue come to ACen. :)
  12. Glad to have him back! I met him the first time I went to ACen. Back then, I only knew him as Zelgadis from Slayers.
  13. Minori Chihara

    +1! I saw Minori Chihara at AX '07. It'd be great if she came to ACen ^^
  14. Madoka Magica Rebellion

    I was at the Sunday night showing in Chicago. It was so amazing. I waited in line for 8 hours >_> But it was nice hanging out with a small group of guys there who arrived before me. I got the Homura art board. I originally had Sayaka & Kyoko, but I traded it, haha. So many people were trading before the movie started. I heard they had 600 of them as 700 were suppose to be in attendance that night. Hilarious moment was after the credits, the curtain was going down; everyone was howling "NOoooo!!!" as there was a end credits scene. It started when the curtain was almost halfway down and it went back up again, haha.
  15. Madoka Magica Rebellion

    I got my ticket :) The Music Box is also showing the first 2 movies on the Thursday night of that week.