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  1. Guest Announcements?

    As an aside, that's a terrible comparison. ACen and Soycon aren't even in the same ballpark, while XBL/PSN are at least comparable. (And not to go to far since that's not the purpose of the thread, XBL is a ripoff anyway. Paying extra just to play games online? A game you already purchased separately? On a network connection you're already paying for independently? And you're not even getting dedicated servers? Laaaame. But hey, at least there's parties with voice chat...?) Anyway, have to agree. I know things are a bit screwed up because of the earlier date for the con, but it's not THAT much earlier. You're going back a few weeks, not 6 months. It's way too deep into crunch time to still have ONE guest announced, and it's not even an industry guest.
  2. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Switching between Twisted Metal, Killzone 3 (back in it with the news of the multiplayer being FTW for 10 levels), and FFXIII-2
  3. *waves*

    I recognize that food avatar
  4. *waves*

    I recognize most of these people! Also hi.
  5. Stick vs Automatic?

    Automatic. It's just simpler.
  6. Twisted Metal

    The game is fun as ever, though currently online play is pretty broken. When they get these issues resolved though it should be a blast. When I can get into online rooms it's great, but getting in and staying in is still a problem. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2012/02/18/david-jaffe-offers-personal-update-on-twisted-metal-online-issues.aspx
  7. Playstation Vita

    I was pumped about the Vita, until they announced that the US wasn't going to have a program similar to Japan in which you could re-purchase games you bought for UMD in a digital format. I mean c'mon, did they not see what happened when they didn't offer that capability for the PSP Go?
  8. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Twisted Metal
  9. Twisted Metal

    I got this one pre-ordered. Who else is pumped for the return of the return of this classic series?
  10. Informal Poll

    As has been mentioned, it should probably be limited to 2-3 panels on the same subject if possible. There's really only so many ways you can look at Death Note or Naruto or Bleach or Gundam without getting multiple panels that basically have the same opinions and content with different people leading the panels. I don't believe it happened this year, but definitely I think if you have to choose between a subject that has 3 other panels confirmed and a subject that has no representation you should definitely lean towards the latter.
  11. Touhou Project 2012

    ^May want to edit that one
  12. Touhou Project 2012

    Well yes, but that was just a few times a year - not every couple weeks. As for the FB group, go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MidWestTouhou/
  13. Touhou Project 2012

    You'd be surprised how far people go for some of our meet-ups. I myself get to take a 4-5 hour trip just to show up. (Though I've kinda had to make a habit out of that trip since my gf - who is also in the group - lives up there.) We've had people fly in from as far as Florida just for a meet-up - not even for a full-fledged con.
  14. Welcome to Gensokyo 2012

    Just a minor update. Oni here has passed off the script and preliminary slideshow off to the tech person (i.e. me) for final touches.
  15. Touhou Project 2012

    Halloween is likely out for me due to Youmucon. Christmas would be fine but I fear weather will destroy it again.