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  1. Idolmaster Cosplay meeting?

    I'm doing two or three SideM cosplays during the con, but I don't know if there's a set im@s meetup planned.
  2. Hey hey! My friends and I are doing a photo shoot for Cafe Parade from SideM, but we're missing a Makio. We have a photog lined up, but we'd really like our missing member to join us. We're a bunch of really chill idol fans. We're all sharing a room too (we have one spot left there as well) and love making new friends. If you don't sew, that's not a problem either - the cosplay is available online. Our only stipulation is that we'd really prefer someone in their 20's, just because we're all in our late 20's to early 30's so it's more for the comfort of everyone involved. Please be this good boy that loves cake.
  3. Hi there! I have extra space in my room and I'm looking to fill it. The room is booked from Thursday through Sunday morning, and we'd prefer to be checked out as early as possible. I'm waiting to hear back if my panels are accepted, but because of that I would prefer to have someone that's respectful when they come in at night. I have no problems with you partying, just be quiet when you come back since I don't know if I'll be asleep or not. I'm also a big stickler about keeping the room mostly clean. BUT! I'm a Hilton member so free wifi. I'd also prefer someone over the age of 21 and LGBT friendly, but beggars can't be choosers. If interested please reply below and I'll contact you from there. If you wanna make sure I'm not a total creep my Facebook fan page is "Dokuhan Cosplays Sometimes" and you can find almost all of my social media by Googling "Dokuhan".
  4. Issue Resolved.

    Hey hey - I have plenty of space and I'm staying at the Double Tree. So far it's just me in the room, but I'm planning on making a post sometime after Katsucon/when I hear back about my panel submissions. I'm coming in on Thursday and staying until Sunday morning. I pretty much keep to myself and only use the room for sleeping, eating, changing cosplay, and grabbing my laptop before going to panel rooms. My only two qualms are that I like to keep the room as clean as possible (namely keeping your stuff to a designated corner) and that if you do come in late/leave early to just be respectful since I dunno when my time slots are in and I might need sleep.
  5. Aloft- Looking For Roommates

    Hey there, are you still looking?
  6. Rommates needed HYATT $90

    Hey, just letting you know I sent a PM earlier today in case you didn't see!