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  1. So basically what the title says. I love piano covers of anime music. HOWEVER ONE OF MY FAVORITE ANIME OPENINGS IS ONLY COVERED FOR LIKE A MINUTE. I really REALLY love the whole song. No vocals though. Just the piano version. Message me for more details!
  2. looking for a one person or two for my room :>

    Best wishes to your friend in the hospital. Been there. Had to miss Anime Midwest cuz of a medical emergency. (Sorry for commenting though since im not looking for a room. I just sympathize with your friend :c)
  3. Twitch Accounts

    https://www.twitch.tv/wheresmysamurai +10 points to whoever gets the reference :D I usually stream League or Skyrim
  4. Poking Around

    Hi! My name is Katii. This will be my 4th(?) year attending ACen. However I usually attended for the gaming aspect of it. I just really started getting into anime probably last year. I am really into fantasy type things. My favorite anime currently is Tales of Zestiria -The X because what more could a girl want? Hot white haired men, magical powers, strong female roles, cute little supports (normin), and demons. The only thing thats missing is samurai. WHICH leads to my favorite dating sim/anime; Hakuoki. Souji Okita is best man. Samurai and Demons. yum. Other anime I love include SAO, And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, and No Game No Life. My favorite game currently is League of Legends. Have been playing for around 6 years. I used to be a filthy Brand support main. Now I'm the worst type of person and play Galio mid. I have done a Vayne, Alistar, Nidalee, and Rengar cosplay. Currently working on Tahm Kench Also a recovering WoW addict. Played from BC to Draenor. I mained a warlock (cuz demons) and a hunter. Did a really embarrassing cosplay of my hunter in Brutal Gladiator gear. that was so awkward /.\ I have also cosplayed Sheik from The Legend of Zelda. Planning on a rule 63 Lunarre from Tales of Zestiria, and a Kagero cosplay from Fire Emblem. Working on a Tieve cosplay from Vindictus and an Emilia cosplay from Re:Zero. Thanks for reading!
  5. Contacts for Ditto cosplay

    okay thanks for the feedback! I've decided to just go with black circle lenses ^~^
  6. Contacts for Ditto cosplay

    thanks! yeah my concern about using scleras was also like, i'd look demonic haha. all the pictures ive ever seen of people with scleras look scary
  7. Contacts for Ditto cosplay

    So Ditto is my favorite pokemon of all time. Super relatable as someone who has had identity issues all her life. SO I decided to do a tribute cosplay to that cute little blob whos existence has given me comfort for as long as I can remember. Now I was thinking about going with either 16mm black contacts. or black sclera lenses. However I have astigmatism in both eyes. My eye doc said he'd prefer if i didn't wear any contacts at all, but if I must no longer than 8 hours. I have a pair of 16.5mm lenses and they were perfectly fine until somehow makeup got underneath them. then I had to take them out because my eye turned all red due to irritation (that always happens to me) so I read a little about sclera lenses and saw that they do cause some discomfort. I was wondering if someone could describe the feeling to me. i don't wanna dish out $70 and then never wear them. also would all black sclera lenses even look right for ditto? he has these beady little eyes but no eye whites! also what brand/store would be the best place to get sclera lenses? thanks!
  8. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    so I realize im really late for deciding to do another cosplay. but I have always had identity issues ever since I was young and found comfort in knowing there was a Pokemon that was like me (literally though) so i decided to do a cosplay that is super meaningful to me! I am going to be humanoid Ditto on Sunday. however. I'm so anxious because I know no one will get it. I'm just gonna be a purple flowy person with big black eyes and a black straight line derpy looking smile.
  9. Pokemon!

    I am going to attempt to pull of a humanoid Ditto cosplay, as ditto holds a very special place in my heart. ANY IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE COOL. Literally just decided to do it last night. getting a poofy flowy lilac skirt, flowly poofy lilac detachable sleeves , lilac shirt, lilac wig, big black contacts (can't handle scleras though) and paiting myself purple:'D the only thing is ditto has no like, defining feature (like eevees for example) so i feel like im gonna have to constantly tell people I'm ditto. I was planning on making my mouth like a black line /smile though. but yeah ! ditto is my spirit animal <3
  10. Looking for 1-2 to join us at the DoubleTree

    hi! I am 21 years old and am potentially looking for a place to stay. I am from Chicago, however from the other side of town.(midway airport area) Are you still looking for roommates ?
  11. CTA

    I guess I could but uber is so damn expensive. from midway to ohare basically. that's like $40. and i really wanna save money for the con D: I have a Upass for cta so it would be free.
  12. CTA

    So I am taking the orange line from midway to the blue line to rosemont and then walking to the con center. I will be on cosplay friday and saturday, and not in cosplay sunday. Is anyone also taking the train/want to take it together because its gonna be so awkward being in my Vayne cosplay with this damn crossbow. I will be sheik friday which would be less awkward though. Let me know!
  13. Rommates needed HYATT $90

    is there still room?:o
  14. Vayne Cosplay Arrows

    oh thanks so much!
  15. Vayne Cosplay Arrows

    HELP I ONLY HAVE LIKE 3 WEEKS AHHH! K so. My Vayne cosplay has been... retired for quite some time now. Decided to bring it back! NEWLY IMPROVED! http://i.imgur.com/I6GVfd8.jpg this was it like in 2014 SO BASICALLY WHAT I DID TO IMPROVE: Get a wig. trim the chestpiece a bit AND WHAT I STILL NEED TO IMPROVE/ WHAT I AM ASKING how tf should i make those damn arrows on her chest piece bib thing? Been procrastinating all the time ;~; and worbla aint cheap HALP