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  1. shin megami tensei/Persona 2018 gathering

    Just hoping one of our panels is earlier in the day so I can make it! This is my first year in the fandom and I'm super excited. I'll be working hard to finish Skull in time!
  2. I have posted this on a facebook, gaia, and instagram but since the forums are back up, I thought I should try here too! (Hopefully I got the right spot...) Hey fellow ACen cosplayers. I'm looking for cosplayers for a photoshoot of the Angelic Angel outfits from the Love Live series! I would love to see a full group but would at least like to get as many girls as we can filled. Right now here's how the photoshoot is looking. There is no set date or time yet. I understand if that might make you a bit skeptical on the shoot but I would like to work it out with everyone's schedule. (Personally, I might look at early Friday or Sunday but like I said, it'll depend on everyone.) We also don't have a photographer yet, but we are looking for suggestions so if you do join feel free to let me know! Because of this, I cannot guarantee how much it'll cost for everyone but I'll do my best to keep it about $10-20 per person. Even if we don't have a full group, a couple of us are going ahead to do the photoshoot anyways so I might as well ask everyone! Right now we are for sure looking for the following girls: Nico, Rin, Honoka, Umi, Maki. (Nozomi, Kotori, and Hanayo are for sure taken at this point and Eli is a maybe.) Just let me know if you are interested and I'll add you to the group. Thanks!
  3. Idolish7 2018

    Unfortunately I don't have more room in my cosplans this year otherwise I'd put a Sougo together T.T Gonna plan to at least make the shoot to take some pictures though!
  4. Undertale 2017

    This is so late, but thanks! We did find one person who posted a full album!
  5. Undertale 2017

    I hope this is appropriate to post here? Hey guys, if anyone has any photos of the shoot, can you let me know! Unfortunately, I was only there for maybe...Half the shoot because it took me so long to get into Asriel then having to leave early to retouch before a private photoshoot of him. (*Cries* Wish I could have stayed.) Because not staying the whole time and I was unable to take photos with my hands being covered, I would love to see any photos anyone took, whether Asriel was in it or not. Please and thank you in advance!
  6. Photographer looking to book a few cosplay soots

    Just sent a message too!
  7. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    AWOEFIJAWOIFIAOWJFIOJAWF YOUR KOTORI IS GREAT! Gah!!!! Your Chris looks so good! And thanks for reminding me I should make up test little devil Hanayo since this is the first cosplay I'm really focusing on make-up... For my updates, I decided to drop Aoba this time because of all my plans changing. (Probably a good thing in all honesty as I don't have the money at this point with saving for the con.) So basically it's just minor touch-ups at this point. I styled my wigs as best as I can. It's just fixing some parts of LD Hanayo as some things happened during shipment/cosplay was ordered bigger then I was, putting Asriel's claws in (That's still on my to do list because I'm worried I'll mess things up...), making shoe covers for Hanayo, and making Kazuichi's wrench and back hair if I have the time. (Trying to make it detachable for easy storage and if I mess up, the wig won't have problems.)
  8. Undertale 2017

    Uh...YES! I'm super pumped for the photoshoot!
  9. Driving from Minneapolis to ACen!

    All right. And that's what I thought the route you would be taking. Unfortunately, I am a bit out of the way (South of Dubuque.) so it won't work. Thank you for letting me know though!
  10. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Whoo! At least it was little stuff and not anything big. Wishing you luck!
  11. Looking for a room!

    I have found a room, so no need to look here anymore. Thanks everyone! So as usual, if this is a problem or if I need to change anything, feel free to let me know! I don't want to be a problem, I didn't want to actually bother with this. But due to recent things that have happened I sort of have to. Unfortunately, I will not be rooming with a group at ACen now due to real life issues getting in the way of the other members. I know this is sort of late, but if anyone has any rooms open for another person to join them, let me know! I am a 23 year old female who plans to be there from Friday evening (Depending on what bus I'm using) to Sunday afternoon and cosplaying for as much as I can over the weekend. I'm okay with those of age drinking but I will not personally drink myself. I'm very easy to get along with, especially if you let me know if I'm stepping on any toes, and I'm very LGBTQA+ friendly. If it's close to the con and under $100, I'd be up for it! (Of course, I'd be willing to go a little higher on price at this point as long as it's close to the con.) If you have any rooms, please pm me here or e-mail me at shirachancosplayer@gmail.com and I'll try to respond right away. (Unless I'm working, I respond almost instantly to my e-mail.) I hope I didn't ramble and this works. I never did one of these before and I really didn't want to, but my situation has changed so I have to at least try right? Thanks for taking the time to read!
  12. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Good luck everyone! It's almost here! For me, it's just minor touch ups except for Aoba. I have to figure him out now cause I don't have the right pants >.< I know my update is short but...
  13. Driving from Minneapolis to ACen!

    Sorry to bother you again for the second time. (I apologize) But what is your path. I'm looking for a ride if possible and may or may not be on the way.
  14. Any Ideas for Travel Without a Car?

    I hate to be this person, but most of my group besides me dropped out this last week including everyone that could drive to the con. I still really want to go so ride or not I'm getting there. However, are there any good methods of transportation from Northwestern Illinois to Rosemont? (I know there's Greyhound and Amtrak but I'm trying to make them last resort if possible.) Please let me know if you have any other experiences. I'm also willing (And this would be my preferred method) to hitchhike with a congoer from the Northwestern Illinois or Eastern Iowa area. I will pay for my portion of the gas and I just really need a ride to the area and back, I can probably figure something else for the hotel. (Though if needed, I can pitch in gas for that too.) I wasn't for sure if to put it here or not, so feel free to let me know if this is the wrong spot. I'm sort of panicing cause I was looking forward to going and now all this stuff happened. Thanks in advance everyone!
  15. Any Ideas for Travel Without a Car?

    That's what I was wondering, but I wasn't for sure if to do so. Thank you! (I have to go find it cause the only group I'm in is the cosplay meet-ups one.)
  16. Two ACen regulars looking for a room!

    We are looking for roommates ourselves if you are interested: link to forum. (My only thing is I dunno where you're located so we'll try and work something out if possible.
  17. Okay, so the forums won't let me delete this. Due to problems we don't need people in our room anymore. Sorry about, please scroll along.
  18. All Cosplay Pajama Party

    Definately would be interested on my end. I might see if any of my cosplaying friends/roommates would be interested too.
  19. Male Idol Anime 2017

    Thank you! Though, I might have to wait and see how the schedule is. I just realized this is really close to another meet up I wanted to go to.
  20. Male Idol Anime 2017

    This will be the dumbest question ever, but for Binan, are the School Uniforms allowed or is it just Battle Lovers/Cerula Adamas/VEPPer forms only? If school uniforms count then, expect me to be there!
  21. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Is it really two months....Starting to get a bit nervous. Good luck to everyone else finishing their cosplays. Thankfully Yumoto and Flowerfell!Frisk are already done. (Yumoto was done for my one con last year, Frisk was done for Halloween and the flowers were finished in Oct/Nov) All Asriel really needs is to figure out if I want his claws and liquid latex for the nose. Kazuichi and Little Devil Hanayo have finally been ordered (Thank you Taxes). Just waiting a few weeks for those and need to get shoes really. Aoba is going to be my one I need the most work in finding pieces because I don't know what I have at home. (Though I am doing a more casual form of him cause of the other two cosplays.)
  22. Learn to Dance With Love Live!

    Here's to hoping it doesn't interfere with anything else I'd like to do, cause I can't wait for this and the flash mob!
  23. Question about the food rule

    I hope I put this in the right forum. I was checking up on rules to see what I should bring/get and what not. This one came up and I wanted to make sure. I know the rule is you can't bring samples and stuff as policies for the convention. Will this include just giving out pieces of candy too? I'm used to a small con that they have nothing against it and wanted to know before I bring candy to pass out as Asriel. Thanks!
  24. Question about the food rule

    Hm..I didn't think about that. That probably will be better for this con then do the candy version for that smaller one. Thank you so much for the suggestion!
  25. Question about the food rule

    First off, thank you. I was thinking the FAQ and not the Rules. That is my bad. You can bring food, I just saw that you can't give away free samples so I didn't know if this fell under that too. The character doesn't give out candy, but I thought it would be cute since "Monster Candy" is a healing item in the game so I just wanted to be sure.