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  1. Harmonia Vita Effects

    Yo! My friend and I started a business last winter decorating miniature top hats (you know, the kind that clip into your hair). I bought and created the website myself, and later on we added custom dolls that you can either commission yourself to be whatever you like, or choose from a selection of pre-made characters. We've recently decided to start a jewelry line, and are currently in the works of figuring out what to sell, and getting supplies and whatnot. We have decided to join the Artist's Alley in 2011, and are very excited about it as it will be our first time selling, so look for us when the time comes! Hope you enjoy the website, any and all criticisms and/or advice are welcome! Click here to visit HVE!
  2. Crowne Plaza - 21 Or Older To Check In?

    Naw, we're all 20. xD
  3. Crowne Plaza - 21 Or Older To Check In?

    I'm currently exchanging emails with the hotel manager, so we'll see what happens. If anything, I can probably have my fiancee check in for me (even though he's not staying in the same room).
  4. Or am I going to be the only one? xD
  5. Crowne Plaza - 21 Or Older To Check In?

    I just got a reply from the person I emailed, and it's true. *sigh* Now I don't know what to do. :/ I would try to have one of my older friends check in for us, but I don't think that would work since the card is in my name :/
  6. Thankfully my friend told me this now so I can start panicking. xD I recently heard that if you reserve a room at the Crowne Plaza with a credit card, you need to be 21 years or older to check in. Does anyone know if this information is valid or not, and if so, can you please direct me to the information that clearly states it? I have sent an email with this question to the hotel's address stated in their Contact Us page, but figured I may get a faster response here. I was looking on their site after hearing this and read since you must pay the full amount for a room when you purchase a room in advance with a credit card, cancelling the reservation results in forfeiture of the deposit. :/ However, it also said that you are also entitled to their Reservation Guarantee, in which it is stated If anyone could give me some information clarifying all this, it would be much appreciated. :) Why must I only be 20? ¬_¬
  7. Harmonia Vita Effects [mini Hats?!]

    My site!! I forgot I had an account on the forums, lawl. Thanks for alerting the masses, KC. *huggles*
  8. Hai! ^_^

  9. Konnichi wa

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