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  1. Anime Central 2016 Photo Album!

    Anime Central 2016 photos! Like, Tag, and Share!!
  2. 2015 Photo Thread!

    The ACen Guys photos are here, more to be uploaded later. Enjoy!
  3. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    Here's our cosplay photos from the year - Enjoy!
  4. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    The Cosplay of Anime Central 2013 Here are all the cosplay photos we took during 2013! Enjoy!
  5. We're officially vintage! This year marks the ACen Guys 10th anniversary and to celebrate we are going to share some of our favorite convention memories with you! You will learn the true story of the ACen Guys from their humble and naive beginnings to their sad and awesome booze filled downfall. So please join us as we dust off the… uh, dust… of our favorite stories, cosplayers, people, trends, and events, of our last decade of adventure! Only 18+ Admitted! Join this event on Facebook!
  6. Final Panel Programming Schedule

    Alright! We're on the schedule now! And we have a half-hour of seating set-up! I just have one question, where is Con Center B? Is that in the convention center or elsewhere?
  7. ACen 2012 Attendance Totals?

    So were the attendance numbers ever calculated or posted publicly?
  8. Facebook!

    The ACen Guys fan page. http://www.facebook.com/acenguys
  9. Guidebook vs. Panel Programming PDFs

    Were panels and viewing rooms that were 18+ not listed on the Guidebook? Our panel was not listed anywhere on the app, so I am just curious. Edit: Nevermind, I found it. It was listed on Friday instead of Saturday.
  10. The ACen Guys Present: Static Anime - A Manga Panel (18+)

    A little over a week until "Static Anime: A Manga Panel"! We hope to see you all there!
  11. Acen is no longer about anime.

    Yes, ACen has changed to encompass more of a geek culture appeal. But I don't see what is wrong with that. ACen has changed because the attendees have changed. It is, and will always be, about what the attendees want. Most of the programming is very much geared toward an anime fan. It just happens to be that anime fans are also the fans of internet culture. The con has always tended to skew younger, so it will be the people in their teens and early twentys that determine what the convention is.
  12. The ACen Guys Present: Static Anime - A Manga Panel (18+)

    It's pretty much because we're prone to vulgarities. Unless your frightened of curse words you should have nothing to worry about.
  13. Questions, Questions

    Does badge mailing still end on the 15th? Because there is no option on the registration page for me to have my badge mailed. Also, how does the panelist discount work. I have a panel that has been approved, but am unsure if I qualify for a discount. Thanks!
  14. The ACen Guys Present: Static Anime - A Manga Panel Saturday April 29, 2012 @ Midnight Hyatt Regency O' Hare International DEF This April The ACen Guys are presenting their 10th original panel at Anime Central 2012! "You’ve watched anime, right? Well have you ever read it?! Well now you can, with the ACen Guys Manga Story Presentation Spectacular! Join us as we speak right to left, utilize heavy action lines, compare Anime & Manga, make jokes, and fight each other to the death in monotone 2D!†ONLY 18+ ADMITTED!! Join this event on Facebook
  15. Informal Poll

    I pretty much agree with everything catbert said above. Except! I see no problem with having two panels that cover the same subject as long as the approach to the subject is unique in each panel. Although panels solely about an anime series or manga tend to be long fan rants on what they like/dislike about the series, I don't think they should be entirely phased out. I think that there could be a great panel created about one series that could entertain and inform. I however don't bother with these types of panels because they simply hold no interest to me, but I wouldn't go so far as completely discrediting them as far as the mass ACen population goes. I know we cover topics that have already been done before, but our approach is usually different than most. We cater to the late night 18+ crowd. We have developed a niche over the years and have been able to approve upon that as time has passed. I believe panelist need time to grow and doing a presentation about their favorite series is a great starting point for a lot of them. Don't throw out a panel just because it is focused on one series, throw one out because they are doing nothing creative or fun with it.