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  1. Homestuck

    Kinda sad that I'll probably be missing this shoot (I'll be helping to get the happy attendees registered and badged), but I'll be Roxy Lalonde on Saturday, and rooting for you all from the Registration hall!
  2. need help with revys tat skeem

    Duplicate post/topic. Closing thread and deleting. Please refrain from creating multiple threads on the same topic. Thank you.
  3. Yukinari's Massive Photo Horde!

    Thread moved to "Picture Time!".
  4. The Facebook Tagging problem...

    You don't have to friend the people--I have tagged myself in photos for people I have not friended, but some members require tags to be approved for people they do not know. Just PM the person and let them know which photos you are in (and maybe thank them for getting your photo--people like to hear that), and sometimes they will approve your tags (other times they won't, but so far I haven't had that problem).
  5. Misfortunate Cosplay Mishaps

    Hmm... my mishap was that I lost one of my armwarmers for my cosplay. I thought I left it in the hotel room, but it was totally missing :( It doesn't seem like a huge deal, but it's like this: not only were the armwarmers part of the cosplay, but they hid the support structure for the gravity-defying bracelets of doom, so I couldn't wear those either! Ah well--I can make another in a half-hour, but it still sucks to not have such an important part of my cosplay...
  6. ACEN 2011 Photo Gallery Thread

    Closing duplicate thread.
  7. Private Photoshoot! Sign up now!

    Auds, you are sooo cute~! I enjoyed our photoshoot; you are very professional and very patient as a photographer, and your personality is awesome so you are overall incredibly nice to work with. I am very excited to see how the photos will turn out!
  8. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread 2011

    Yeah, sorry guys... I opened the new thread, and then proceeded to move the recent requests so people wouldn't have to repost. My own opening post got bumped down too, so I had to go back and hijack the first post!
  9. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    Closing this thread. New photo/gallery link thread is here: http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/40431-ACen-2011-pictures/
  10. Bioshock 2011 Pics

    Stickied the gallery and photo request threads, so you guys should check there, too!
  11. Code Geass?

    Stickied the gallery and photo request threads, so you guys should check there, too!
  12. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread

    Closing this thread and opened a new one for this year.
  13. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread 2011

    Hi! This is the photo request thread for 2011--if you are looking for a photo of yourself, please direct the requests here. Please do not start multiple individual request threads, because ALL NEW THREADS WITH PHOTO REQUESTS WILL BE DELETED. Trying to keep this area clean, folks! Thanks, and Good luck!!
  14. Men's Anti-perspirant

    You can also try these if you don't want visible pit stains (they are adhesive instead of sew/pin-in). Like dress shields, it kind of serves as a backup just in case you defeat your deodorant. They (not that particular brand) can be found on the notions wall at Joann fabric stores, and they must work at least a bit--they always sell out at the store I always shop at!
  15. creepers beware

    Additionally, putting the thread in the Insanity forums did not help the situation at all. This place is a trolling haven of sorts--if you want serious thread, post in Chit-chat (you can also ask to have it moved if you really don't want it to get super-derailed). Insanity is called that for a reason, ya know? ;)