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  1. How can we save acen?

    I have a plan. I will share it in the forthcoming weeks :).
  2. Suggestions for ACen 2013

    We've been doing multiple VAs/Guests at once for an autograph session for years... I'm not sure why there was a departure from that this year.
  3. 2012 Gripes thread

    I will say one thing about this trend, mainly because it's something I've noticed since I entered the anime con scene over 10 years ago. The biggest difference is the fact that back in the day, the fandom consisted of people who were more socially outcast and they came to cons to find people who they could get along with and share common interests. In the last decade anime/manga has become more mainstream, and more accepted. Those who were "outcast" found themselves amongst like minded individuals in their everyday lives. This evolves the social aspect of the traditional congoer into a someone who isn't an outcast, and the social cliques and hierarchies that many people were excluded from to begin with. I will say that I have changed a lot since high school. ACen was a huge part of it. But I've had to adapt my social constructs to something different then what I had adapted 8 years ago. The fandom has changed and it's hard to say whether it's better or not. It used to be that you could connect just on the geekiness alone, now when you're at the con, geekiness is implied, now you need to show what else you've got. So the real question is, what's next? Maybe this social evolution is cyclical... Maybe people will once again connect on what we have in common instead of shunning what we don't have in common.
  4. The pizza place thats in the acen panel book.

    As an established convention, we have the benefit of different organizations that come to us and ask for advertising. Sometimes we'll take it in the form of trade (a place in someone else's book) or in ad revenue. Most businesses would rather just advertise by paying for it rather than do a reciprocal agreement, however sometimes smaller businesses find it easier/cheaper to do it via trade. Local card/gaming shops are especially open to it, especially because they'd probably give you advertising if you gave them badges. But either way, it starts with you approaching them and asking. No need to approach it with a high pressure sales tactic, just say, "Hey, I'm ______ with _____ convention, and this is our first year and we were wondering if you'd be interested in advertising with us." When they ask about rates and such, then you can go into a pitch that offers alternatives to simply paying for the space.
  5. New Department Head

    Love to chat about it Chelsea, we'll figure this out, or at least have a lot of fun trying :)
  6. New Department Head

    I'll be more than happy to host speed dating again (hosting as in the person who stands up there and enforces the rules). That was the most fun I had in years :)
  7. Suggestions for ACen 2012

    Personally, the idea of having a special VIP pass to get you seating or into events has been done at any number of different events. Most of which are using it to get a quick buck out of it. While making money may be great, I'd much rather try and give everyone a fair chance to see what they came to see. If you saved up all year for your ACen badge and hotel, would you really want to get there and realize you need to throw down another 20$ to see what you want to see? That's my two cents. I'd much rather give people special chances to win premium seating (for free). :)
  8. Why so early next year?

    Others have hit it right on the mark. Certain conventions/conferences have booked the venue further out that we have. Our usual contract length is 2-3 years out.
  9. ACen......there should be an app for that!~

    FYI we are currently discussing the possibility of either developing an app or working with a third party to get a functional app for next year. Thanks for the input guys, keep it coming!
  10. Groped and Offended

    Just so you guys know, the color coded badge idea has come up very frequently. While a good idea on the surface, it has potentially bad consequences when implemented. First off, there's really no guarantee that someone won't try to share a badge with a friend, given that fact, the only responsible thing is to card everyone anyways. Secondly, and possibly more importantly, it labels certain individuals as a target. Unfortunately, there are individuals in the world who would target someone because they're a minor, and it doesn't make sense to make that visible to all individuals. In fact, it makes it more likely that someone would do the first thing because of the second thing.
  11. Contest to go to Japan?

    You know... when you keep posting ideas like this... When I actually announce a contest like this, it will seem like we didn't come up with it on our own :)
  12. Where do I go at ACen? *** READ ME ***

    If you want to meet Jared, I only charge 250$ for a glimpse and 500$ for an autograph. I may even throw in an appearance by the Vice Chair :)
  13. MTG EDH/Commander 2011?

    Luck would have it, EDH is the only thing I brought with me. So if anyone wants to throw down I'm all for it. :)
  14. ACen Surveys

    ACen 14 is right around the corner and while we've got a lot of work to do for the convention, some of us are already starting the ball rolling on ACen's 15th Anniversary Bash! The most important thing to us, as staff, is making you, the attendee, have a great Anime Central experience, and we need to know what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, and what we could be doing that we just haven't thought up of yet. It is in that spirit that we will be hitting ACen 14 full force with surveys. I know we've tried it in the past, and we've gotten a lot of feedback about how they didn't like how we did surveys. They picked on our volunteers, they threw the surveys away, and we just didn't get anything useful from doing it that way. So this year, in partnership with some individuals who work for big companies in the area of business intelligence, we're going to switch gears and dedicate to live surveys! That's right, this year we will have volunteers manning clipboards with different surveys asking you to step aside and take a quick survey. They will be worded very specifically and we will be asking a variety of questions, from demographic information to satisfaction, all of which will help us understand what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, and what we could be doing. So what's in it for you other than helping us out? Something! Ok we don't know what the prize we're going to give away is yet, it could be a badge, it could be merchandise, it could be something so unique we haven't come up with yet! Why? Well, it's one of the questions we want to ask you! We want to know what kind of giveaways and prizes get you excited about the contest. Ok, so you're all excited, you want to be surveyed and entered into a contest to win something cool, what do you need to do? Well, this year we're going to go around to different areas and just survey people. We're not going to try and find you in a line, we're targeting places where you've just came from, so outside events, outside programming areas, probably even outside of the exhibit hall. We'll have our volunteers there, with clipboards, asking you if you'd like to step aside and take a short survey (these are being written in such a way where we are targeting no more than a 5 minute survey.) And by doing a survey, you're automatically entered in the contest/raffle to win something cool.