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  1. Learn to Dance With Love Live!

    I went to a workshop similar to this at Otakon and has a blast! I definitely can't wait to go to this :)
  2. Female Idol Anime 2017

    I'll have to keep an eye out for the fb event then! I hope there are no panels I really want to go at the same time. I guess I'll have to wait and see lol. Yeah something like "Female Idols ACen 2017" would probably will work. It makes finding pictures on twitter/insta/tumblr much easier. Ahhh I'm just excited now to see everyone in their idols costumes <3
  3. Room Needed

    Oh thank goodness. The only large con I've had to book rooms for via con-block is Otakon and they do it in one fell swoop. All the hotels in reasonable walking distance are gone in like 30 minutes. Btw thanks for answering all my questions!
  4. Room Needed

    I know not all the room blocks have been released yet, but unless they happen to open it on a Sunday I'll likely be at work and miss it. So I'm just going to start asking around now! I guess either leave a post here or PM me. Thanks!
  5. I'm new and I need friends!

    Ahhh, I don't have a Wii U. Is it in the 3DS shop? I want to play the Tellus(sp?) games but I don't have the right system or feel like dropping all that money on a hard copy. Oh I think I had that Rin at one point, but I sold her since she's a healer lol. I have wedding Pana though! She's adorable! A week ago I sold 3 URs to get snowy mountain Kotori because legit all I wanted was a Kotori UR and I think I've done like 15 scouts in Printempts only boxes now. And then 2 days later I scouted in the current pick up box and wow guess who came home ;~;. I could still have those URs... But Snow Mountain Kotori is adorable, so...
  6. I'm new and I need friends!

    Pretty much any of the ones I listed in my previous post! I get on tumblr the most but I get notifications for twitter so it's not like I wouldn't ever see something if you messaged me, or tagged me. tumblr mobile doesn't always notify me... Ah, yes! Sadly I've only played FE8, FE13, and FE14. I tried to play FE4 but the version I had had sme very odd translations and I quit like 2 chapters in. I do love Rin, she's adorable! And so under-appreciated I feel :(
  7. I'm new and I need friends!

    Nico has got some incredibly cute card, but voice-wise and personality-wise I'm not a huge fan. I don't dislike her though! She's just kind of there for me though lol. Thank you for the welcome! I guess after this post dies off I'll come back in March and have a look around. My twitter, tumblr, and instagram all have the same u/n here (rinplup) so if PMing doesn't work I can be reached by any of those. And yes, more company! At cons I've been to before I don't mind being on my own so much but at new ones it's a little different, you know? I did go to Otakon! However I'm not super familiar with either of those fandoms. However one of my friends love .hack so I'll have to ask her if she saw you. Thanks for the warm welcome :)
  8. I'm new and I need friends!

    Yeah I was looking at some of the last post dates for other topics and they're like... from a year ago lol. Oh well, I got one response at least! Unfortunately the coscom ACen board is also slow rn too, but that sort of makes sense at least. I don't see them pick up until the con is only a month or two away. I actually got in LL from SIF first. I saw one of my friend playing it so I decided to try it. It wasn't until like 6 months later I even found out there was an anime and concerts. Oops. My favorite is Kotori. She was the initial card I picked and I've best stuck with her since <3 Also, woo for Fate/Zero! One of my friends got me to watch it recently. I want to cosplay something from it, but I'm not sure what yet. I might do Irisviel because my friend cosplays Saber. Slightly creepy question, but, do you go on any other sites where it would be easier to stay in touch/contact you if I need to?
  9. Female Idol Anime 2017

    I'd be interested! I'll be bringing both my LL and AKB costumes so I'm not sure yet I'd be for the photo shoot (I guess it depends on what day and when it is?) but yes! Idols! I love them! Out of curiosity how long did it take to run last time? And was there any way to find the pictures online? Some I've been to had a tag they wanted people taking pictures to use so they'd be easy t find online. (like fandom-con-year)
  10. I'm new and I need friends!

    Just as the title says, I'm new! And I don't know anyone and I'd like to change that :)/> I guess my op 3 fandoms would be Love Live, Fire Emblem, and Professor Layton. Being that I've never been to ACen I would love to have someone to either hang out for a bit or at least show me around. So, hi everyone! Nice to meet you :)/>