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  1. Arkham Origins

    My feelings exactly. Definitely not throwing down money on this til after the rel. Too me it seems more of WB trying to milk a cow then continue what was actually good about the franchise.
  2. Earthbound coming to Wii U Virtual Console!

    Oh yay! Earthbound! Shut up and take....wait...wait..:looks around* Nevermind! *sticks in old snes version.
  3. Injustice: God's Among Us

    Did they seriously nerf slade/deathstroke?
  4. Sim City

    Remember when you could play god all by yourself and not get punsihed for it back in the day? I miss those days.
  5. New Pope

    I do always get a chuckle when the media talks about how catholism is "rising" in certain parts of the world. If you actually look at those places a majority of them are underdevolped parts of the world. Not exactly something to be proud of.
  6. New Pope

    Another gay bashing, women having same jobs hating, 'conservative' Catholic. Catholics seem to like him but he's not going to bring more people into Catholicism like they think he will.
  7. New Pope

    The banning of gay marriage is done by "traditional christian" lawmakers just like the same "traditional christians" were agaisnt interracial marriage before hand. They are also still trying to make public schools SOLEY teach creationism and abstinence as well just to name some.
  8. New Pope

    I just find that being catholic is the most loopholed crazy thing out there. Yet we excuse it because it's one of the oldest religions out there. Sure, it doesn't affect me. But that doesn't mean I can't laugh at it flaws when people try to make a big deal out things. Like before the current pope (or ex pope now I guess) was elected they were literally losing their mind and biting at their finger tips like there were powerless without one. *shrug* It's just funny to me.
  9. New Pope

    Beliving in god is one thing. Having another human being telling you what to do because he's the closest thing to god on this planet even though a bunch of other guys elected him to be and you need a huge amounts of guilt trips to be "worthy" of heaven is another.
  10. New Pope

    And so now a new man, that wasn't born perfect and couldn't be gods word, will then be voted on by other flawed men to then become the highest authority on the church and he is perfect and can talk to god and his word is gods law. Can someone please tell me how this is suppose to be taken seriously?
  11. WWE/UFC/MMA/Boxing Fans?

    Why did my mind completely blank out that last part and I didn't see it? :wacko: That was stupid of me.
  12. WWE/UFC/MMA/Boxing Fans?

    You mean one trick pony as a publicty stunt for the UFC? Or a one trick pony because she's won all her fights with a armbar? Because if it's the latter, that's more funny since it's her oppenants faults for getting themselves into a postion where the armbar can be used.
  13. Why change when people will still shell out money for anything with as FF on the label? Especially for FFVII material. If it arn't broke don't fix it.
  14. WWE/UFC/MMA/Boxing Fans?

    I forgot about this thread too and was looking for it because I wanted to see the first female UFC title defense. Was it any good?
  15. This Crazy World...