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  1. Car sleeping, since everywhere is full

    Such talk is not allowed here. They'll tell you that it's not safe, etc.
  2. Hi, looking for a room

    I'm looking for a room for ACen, preferably close to the con area that I can crash in for the night. I'm pretty chill and friendly. I'm planning to stay on Friday-Sunday. Please PM me if interested.
  3. 1-2 roommates needed! Westin

    Hi. I'm also looking.
  4. (FILLED)

    Hi. Still looking?
  5. So, I'm looking for a room anywhere near the con grounds. Is there any room for me at this point? If you're looking for a roommate, shoot me a PM. I can give you more details about myself!
  6. Have space at the Hyatt

    If you still have room then I'm looking for a room.