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  1. ♡ Ravers + Kandi kids? ♡

    I'm not from the area so I'm looking for other ravers to hang out pre rave! ☆
  2. We have room for two more people at La Quinta Inn! If you're interested, please message me so I can make arrangements with you and add you on facebook!
  3. Looking for a room

    We have a room!
  4. We have as queen bed available at La Quinta! We need to find roomies badly ):
  5. looking for room for 3

    Do you still need a room? My SO and I had our roomies drop, we have room for 3!
  6. My partner and I had our roomies drop out on us, so we need 2 people for our room! We are driving, so you won't have to walk to or from the hotel!