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  1. ACen 2015 Dates!

    I'll be back!
  2. This years' movie opening during con is...

    Seeing Godzilla tomorrow
  3. Weather Watch 2014

    Was very hot last year. I can make do with some comfortable weather.
  4. Annual Christmas Card Exchange

    Ok I'll start working on my cards next weekend ;) I still have everybody's addresses, but anyone new that wants a card from me, send me a DM.
  5. Attack on Titan

    Great anime. Loved the story. Episodes kept me wanting to know what's gonna happen next. I liked how the Titans were created...small, medium, big, and downright scary lookin'. Hopefully a second season will come 'round the corner because I'm juts dying to know how Eren and Annie became Titans, the secret in Eren's father's basement, and will the war with the Titans be over. But other than that, good anime
  6. Black Thanksgiving?

    I agree with Ms. Lovely Cookie. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about spending time with family. It's a shame that all these businesses can't realize that meaning. They understand one thing and one thing only, money. I sympathize with those who wont be able to enjoy the good food prepared that day, but have to deal with being on their feet all day dealing with customers who can be rude or obnoxious. Who needs that?
  7. Embassy Suites Room Block Open

    Got my room
  8. Embassy offers free breakfast. Me personally, I love the Embassy. Me, my sis, and our friends have been staying there for 6 ACen's. We'll be back there next year. Besides the free breakfast, there's happy hour with drinks and snacks, and nice spacious rooms that include a fridge and microwave.
  9. Con Withdrawal

    Well I keep myself going by watching tv, reading, Facebook and Twitter, and try to get back on anime track. I also make plans on who to cosplay for next years cons.
  10. Ventra

    Well Is till use my magnetic strip card. I heard that because of the delay in deliveries of Ventra cards, they've decided to let users of magnetic strip cards continue to use them until further notice. Like Ms.LovelyCookie, I use $20 on mine and it gets be going for about 2-3 weeks. Eventually I will get a Ventra card soon.
  11. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    Finished Fate/Stay Night. Watching Attack on Titan and Watamote now. Still have anime I need to catch up on.
  12. Fashion Outlets of Chicago

    I'll check it our next year.

    I'm glad I didn't get it.
  14. ACen WAS HOT!

    Yeah it was hot, but I'll take it rather than the cold weather we had last year.
  15. Countdown to ACen 2013