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  1. Countdown From A Million!

  2. Animes not set in Japan

    saw title of thread. "animes" (╯°□°)╯︵ â”»â”â”»)
  3. Thread Killers Anonymous

    today I picked my nose like I usually do: in private. The place I was at was a waste treatment center where I was preforming my duties. Upon removing a good chunk of nostril deification from my left snout, I saw there was blood on it. And thats when my jewbeak decided it's menstrual cycle had come. Blood flowed unerringly to my surprise. It fell out of my schnoz in large beautiful ochre red droplets hitting the floor with satisfying wet smacks. I watched this for a good five minutes realizing the severity of this to which I blew my nose with nearby loose leaf paper. Blood was everywhere and the fillipino man whom I was escorting proclaimed to the almighty in a tongue that I dare not understand. It was a good day
  4. Nostalgia stuff

    children these days will never know whom this rad guy is
  5. Bucket List

    I just want to be happy
  6. Warhammer 40K, tabletop to the controler.

    lol you and your dark eldar.
  7. ACen Minecraft Server

    so.... we ever gonna get a new one?
  8. Wish Corruption

    ?HX?ba5374fb057a057a19d27cc095b40e1916e6016fee56e4c6e86922d2c9bc 4f8a84f87762b9c1032b062d39e0f186d5ce?H
  9. knives has no sense of anonymity. His internet usage sticks out like a sore thumb
  10. Wish Corruption

    granted. I wish for the next three posters to gain substantial wealth in accordance with the wish in my last post
  11. whew they don't care about rape :3