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  1. Hunter x Hunter 2016?

    nah no problem! I've been pretty busy too w/ school! But cool! We should definitely be able to meet then! And no worries about LINE lol so I'll add you on Skype later! My Skype name is acoustic_samurai17 just so you know! :^))
  2. Hunter x Hunter 2016?

    Ohhh I won't be getting to the con until later in the day that Friday sorry! :^// Maybe 5:30 to 6:00 PM at the latest. I don't know if you'll still be in costume then but I can meet you around that time! Also I don't have a Facebook but I do have a Skype or LINE which we can message with!
  3. Hunter x Hunter 2016?

    ooh nice!!! Having our own little gathering would be cool with me! :^)) Although I have no idea where we should meet! >.< what do you think?
  4. Hunter x Hunter 2016?

    That's awesome if you're gonna be Alluka for a little bit on Friday! It'd be cool if I can catch you for a picture then too! Also I'll keep my eye out for anyone putting up a gathering as well! ^_^
  5. Hunter x Hunter 2016?

    Although I don't run photoshoots, I love the idea of having an hxh gathering this year and I know I will be cosplaying Killua on Friday! Hopefully, I'll see you and maybe we can have a gathering too! :3
  6. Haikyuu! 2016

    Awesome! This is great since I'll be Nishinoya on Saturday! I can't wait for the meetup! ^_^