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  1. Feyra, well I talked to my supervisor from the Exhibit Space Dept last year and they said we are not allowed to give info that has not been released by the ACen facebook / Twitter page (when they post it, then its official and only specific staff are allowed to do this). I know which date its going to be released but am not allowed to give info myself. But I did give a general time frame, its in April for sure during either of the last 2 weekends.

  2. Hello Cherry Wolf, regarding Guidebook, I am not allowed to release that kind of info but I can say it is going to be one of the Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays of April for sure. Does that help to make you less anxious? But its guaranteed that ACen will be using Guidebook this year.

  3. Show him all the cosplayers, there are going to be many more than at small cons. Second you should take them to the soap bubble and synergy (young people are only allowed for a certain time before curfew in Rosemont). Also you guys can learn to be samurai's at ACen they are having a demonstration (don't remember which day though) And show them the Exhibit Space / Dealers hall, we have over 200 vendors, artists and industry companies this year. And maybe bring them to panels, there will be a booklet with times provided.

  4. Hey Nana, this would be very cool to have and to go to. I'd be interested :) but would it be possible for you to create a Facebook event page (people are really active on Facebook when it comes to ACen and its been pretty quiet on the ACen forum)? I could share it to the ACen and cosplay facebook groups I'm a part of.

  5. Hey Madeline, I would tell you that this panel is a great idea, but you should write this on the ACen facebook groups, people would answer within minutes then, than instead of days.


    But I have a suggestion, if you guys have a chance during the panel, maybe there should be some games to play, like truth or dare (I am just creating stuff on the top of my mind and most stuff I'd think of are here already or covered by other panels.)

  6. Hey KaminariOctopi,


    Okamoto Kitchen may may not be able to come to Chicago because I had a really long conversation with them and they need to make sure all their ingredients are fresh and they dont know if they can get all the ingredients in the Chicago land area. They told me Mitsuwa is one of the stops in Arlington Heights but the other ingredients would be a bit more difficult to get. Last year I loved Ms. Tittles cupcakes, they were really worth it for the price (she had the puddings which were gourmet quality!!!) .

  7. Hey Taaarte, I would recommend doing Saturday Morning maybe. I am not going to be able to cosplay because I will be working at ACen, but from past experience lot of people work and go to grade-school/high-school/University on Friday. Saturday you would have so many Yuri on Ice Fans available. But Saturday wouldn't work too well because of the Soap Bubble, masquerade and the symphony that happen at that time.

  8. Hello Ambi, I would like to let you know that Anime central posts updates on any news they have. So if you follow twitter or Facebook the info on the Masquerade will pop up there. I have Anime Central Android phone noitfications turned on and I am able to see if any new info is released by them. But for sure it will be in January.

  9. Hey Master Blaster, it was awesome. I was able to meet new people. Have fun and help out with the Convention and the Exhbit Space area a lot. I am for sure working in my designated department again for sure. There is a great balance between work and fun. Also I hope to see some familiar faces there too. I wasn't able to answer before because I had to get my forum password reset for me.