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  1. How will badge discounts work this year?

    Try registration@ACen.org , they helped me a lot with anything relating to any of the badges available. They answer within less than a week. For me I emailed them Sunday and they answered today.
  2. Nevermind, figured it out. I'm on the Exhibit Space Department at Anime Central now!!!!
  3. https://countingdownto.com/countdown/anime-central-2016-countdown-clock-countdown-clock For people who want to know when ACen will start, here you go. I created a count down clock that will track how many days we have left to get ready!!!
  4. Anime Central 2016 Countdown Clock!

    Yeah and also you got Miku expo in chicago if you really want to, too!!!! Miku expo has 3 more cities and chicago is one of them!!!
  5. Anime Central 2016 Countdown Clock!

    Yeah, Con's are fun to the point you don't want it to end.
  6. Badge rollover

    Welp you have lots of time now lol!!!
  7. Anime Central 2016 Countdown Clock!

    Awesome!!! But wish it would come sooner, its always hard to wait lol.
  8. Anime Central 2016 Countdown Clock!

    I'm betting it's the atmosphere and also how the people act maybe.
  9. Badge rollover

    If you mean that it confirms your email got to them, then yes some department leaders still do it. I know Phillip and Zac answer pretty quickly but right now they told me they are piled with work and emails right now.
  10. Anime Central 2016 Countdown Clock!

    Yeah that's awesome, in your perspective which con do you like better? The chicago or nyc con's?
  11. Masquerade email?

    Yeah time to get busy, time flies that way lol
  12. Badge rollover

    Thats weird because the Dept. Head answered me last week. How about contacting Exhibit space department head? He will answer this Sunday. His name is Phillip and his email is ExhibitSpace@ACen.org . Hope he can give you advice on what to do and hope he can help in any way he can.
  13. Anime Central 2016 Countdown Clock!

    Yeah same lol :P , but we can dream of it. But its ok to have it once a year because I have both Anime Central and then Anime Midwest in the exact same place but different month. But ACen is more fun though.
  14. Artist Alley Booth Assistant Badge

    Did you try emailing Phillip? I was just talking to him yesterday. He is the head of the Exhibit space / artist alley. He may be able to help you getting the right info. His email is ExhibitSpace@ACen.org .
  15. Anime Central 2016 Countdown Clock!

    Yay 9 more days until 99 day left!! Wish ACen would be x2 a year!!
  16. Anime Central 2016 Countdown Clock!

    Yeah I bet you would be getting sore if you do it too often lol :) This will help you and save you some of your time too!!!
  17. Anime Central 2016 Countdown Clock!

    Thanks for letting me know lol, this one is automatic and it can run by itself though so people can choose either of ours. My parade is still nice and dry
  18. Masquerade email?

    Nice!! Hope I can see it in May!!! Also nope no updates, but the only thing I know is that if you want to be in it you have to submit before March 31 (so looks like they will tell all of the 100 entries after the closing of the pre-register date through emails).
  19. Artist Alley Booth Assistant Badge

    Yeah just keep trying to email them, the closer the date of ACen is the more likely they will answer.
  20. Artist Alley Booth Assistant Badge

    Maybe you can sell the badge to someone who needs it/would like it to go. Thats always the best idea.
  21. Countdown From A Million!

    977,256 Can wait for ACen!!! Getting my my hype train!!!
  22. Masquerade email?

    What are you going to dress up / cosplay as?
  23. Hey guys I applied to be on staff and Zac told me I can choose to be on the Video Programming or Exhibit Space department, what tasks are being done in these departments?
  24. 2016 Guests?

    Well its almost February!!! Hope they will have some info on them guests lol!!
  25. Other Cons this year? (Doesn't have to be anime)

    Awesome Shiggitay, that was really helpful!!! I didn't know people will travel so far for a Con. It is like a world fair in a sense, people from all over the nation or even the world would go to these Con's. This year I will be having someone just drop me off at the curb of ACen (saves me parking money and less walking lol). I bet I can give them suggestions on how to make things better so it could be your #1 anime con lol. I applied and I have the opportunity to work in Video Programming or the Exhibit Space. When there will be meetings, I can talk to them about the arcade games and they should just have a flat fee of $15-$20 and give a card or wristband, just like at Galloping Ghost in Brookfield, IL. Also regarding to you wanting to have the Hatsune Miku Project Diva-f game at the gaming area, you can try buying it off of Ebay through bids, I saw it go as low as $15 for a brand new copy (so close to winning it though :( ). Also you can buy a Playstation tv box for about $20-$30 off of Ebay too. In overall it would be really cheap to do, but maybe someone else could buy it because ACen has either a gaming budget or the workers bring their own systems.