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  1. ACen 2011 Pictures

    My pics. Lots of great cosplay as always!
  2. General Anime Trade/sell

    There may be a doujin called that... but the graphic novel I have is a collection of several yaoi/BL stories, nothing to do with DMC. Sorry. :(
  3. General Anime Trade/sell

    Ok ladies and gents, here's the manga list (listed by publisher) with prices. These are all like new, read once then kept on a bookshelf in my non-smoking home. If you or someone you know has been looking to build a yaoi/BL/shonen-ai collection but hate the high prices, I'd like to help. :) I'll be at the con all weekend and I usually spend all of Thursday evening in the Embassy's main court area. Cash at con, please. PM me with any interests. Thanks! DMP/June manga (5.00) After I Win Alcohol, Shirt & Kiss Almost Crying Alone in my King's Harem Beyond My Touch Dost Thou Know? Duetto Desire Dear Myself Dash The Day of Revolution vol 1-2 Our Everlasting 1-2 Vampire's Portrait vol 1 Wagamama Kitchen Time Lag Rin 1-3 Restart Passion 1-3 Sweet Revolution Love Picnic Love Bus Stop Little Butterfly 1-3 Not Enough Time Sunflower 1 Stolen Heart Spell Solfege Seven Same Cell Organism Jazz 1-4 Melted Love My Only King The Moon and the Sandals Love Recipe 1 Loveholic 1 Vanilla 1 Il Gatto sul G 1-2 Waru Gorgeous Carat Galaxy The Paradise on the Hill A Love Song for the Miserable From Up Above L'Etoile Solitaire Crushing Love Freefall Romance Lost Boys Love Training Invisible Love Othello Love Share Love Control La Vie en Rose Kissing Clan of the Nakagamis The Day I Became a Butterfly Lover's Flat Little Cry Baby Close the Last Door vol. 1 Ordinary Crush 1&2 You & Harujion J-Boy by Biblos Anthology (16.95) Blu (4.00) Shinobu Kokoro Menkui! 1-2 June Pride Lovers in the Night Earthian 1-4 Gorgeous Carat 1-3 Love Mode 1-7 Kitty Media (4.00) Level C 1-6 ...But I'm Your Teacher Net Comics (4.00) Aegis 1-4 Not So Bad 1-2 Boysenberry (5.00) Delivery Cupid Go Comi (4.00) Cantarella 1-6 Broccoli Books (4.00) Until the Full Moon 1-2 Be Beautiful (6.00) Play Boy Blues 801 Media (6.00) Ichigenme... The First Class is Civil Law Drama Queen (5.00) Your Honest Deceit Lovely Sick Lies & Kisses Deux Press (5.00) Hate to Love You Tokyo Pop (4.00) Eerie Queerie! 1 Fake 1-7 Yaoi Press (5.00) Yaoi Anthology of Boys Love Stories Vol. 1 Books DMP/June- Only the Ring Finger Knows 1-3 (4.00) Cold Sleep (4.00)
  4. General Anime Trade/sell

    Hey Yaoi Fangirls (and boys!). I just moved and need to clear up some space. I have over 100 volumes of Yaoi manga that I may part with if there is enough interest here. I'm working on typing up a list to post, volumes will be 4 or 5 bucks a piece, special pricing for buying in bulk. :) Just wanted to get the word out. List coming soon.
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