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  1. 2014 Anime Central AMV Contest Winners: Best in Show: minetchan - Juno Freestyle: Winner: Sailor Death - Saamon Dansu Runner-Up: Washu Takahashi - [it Must Be!] True Love Anime Mix Runner-Up: 1MoonGoddess7 - Go and Be Free Drama: Winner: Gabriel Guthaus/Angel Dragoon - Married Life Runner-Up: Rider4Z - The Optimists Runner-Up: Xophilarus - Surging Tides Comedy: Winner: Gabriel Guthaus/Angel Dragoon - This is the Tale Runner-Up: Sephiroth - This Video Was (Not) Entered Into Drama Runner-Up: BakaOppai - Animu Stew Action: Winner: macchinainterna - Running on the Ragged Edge 2 Runner-Up: Mr Pilkington - Mikkel Kessler 2.0 Runner-Up: Rider4Z - Sanctus Infernus I want to thank all of the entrants again, especially those of you who submitted on short notice on the Org. Attendees really enjoyed the contest viewings, and commented on the high-quality of the entries. Our Best in Show winner will receive a Premium Box Set of Daily Lives of High School Boys, Witch and the Hundred Knight (PS3) from NIS America; and (the rest escapes me atm I'll clarify and update tomorrow) Category winners will receive a Birdy the Mighty Decode box set (S1+2). Fairy Tail Vol3, and hardcover edition of Gundam: The Origin graphic novel. Runner's Up will receive the Gundam: The Origin graphic novel. It was definitely an experience to pre-judge all of the entries at the con, among the usual con hustle and bustle, so look forward to improvements in contest submission and preparation for next year. I'll definitely post info and keep in contact with everyone much earlier for next year, so I look forward to those creative efforts. --------------- Nick Fox ACen AMV Coordinator
  2. AMV shedule?

    Yes, we're very sorry about that. A schedule was submitted for the programming book, but for whatever reason it didn't appear to make it into the published version. I'm looking to get as substantial a mirror of the Org archive as possible for next year; so expect a lot more themed blocks, some request hours, and parody movies. Sailor Death also expressed interest in helping run an 18+ Late-night video block as well. ------------- Anime Central AMV Coordinator
  3. Ultimate Great America outing

    I've got Gencon to pay for this upcoming week, and I decided to go to Cedar Point for the first time. So I dunno if I'll make it to Sixflags this year to see the new rollercoaster. I'm glad I went last year though and got to go on Iron Wolf one last time, because I always enjoyed that one. Gonna make an overnight trip with my friends to Cedar Point instead on the 25th. Drive out there at 3am, go to the park all day, then crash at a hotel before driving back in the morning. Should be a lot of fun, since Cedar Point is known for having a bunch of the tallest and fastest rollercoasters in the world.
  4. Convention website poll

    Not a poll in the literal sense, but an unofficial "polling" of what people come to convention sites looking for. What kind of information do you look for? What is most important to you that should, say, be presented on the main page or navbar? What do you look to a search bar for that you would like it to present answers for? IE: Maps? Deadlines? What information do you come to convention sites for that you think is hard to find, or frequently not there and would like to see, etc?
  5. Acen 2012: The Recap

    One of the things that MAY happen for next year would be imposing a No Loitering restriction on the Hyatt International Level (Basement). Especially on like Saturday night, there just isn't enough space down there to accommodate sitting around on the floor, having mini DJ parties, etc. AND properly arranging lines for events. The Lobby Level (2nd Floor) of the Hyatt has a lot of space to socialize, and the Entrance Level (1st Floor) also has many tables in the back area of it for sitting down as well.
  6. Fire Alarm Comments

    I was working on International Level in the Hyatt when this happened. Panel Ops did have the fire strobe blinking, but no alarm sound. We started directing some of the people out of the service doors at the end of the hall to lessen the glut of people going up the stairs, but overall it was orderly in that area from my POV. Nobody was running or pushing, etc. If this were to ever happen again, I might advise trying to send most of them out the service doors, as that lessens the crush of people trying to exit the main Hyatt doors, and spreads the crowd outside a bit better. It's also a shorter path outside from the basement I think the re-entry confusion was getting the All Clear from the PD, FD, and Hotel. And maybe attendees were overhearing radio chatter? May be good to come up with a code word or call sign on when re-entry is allowed so people don't overhear things and start trying to push their way back in.
  7. 2012 Gripes thread

    Unfortunately, I don't forsee any help coming for that issue. Things like business/union contracts stipulate that no outside food can be offered in an official capacity. That included Exhibitors AND things as simple as passing out candy/drinks at fan panels. Since food offerings within walking distance are sparse, it would be in your best interests to make arrangements for your own food if you find the offerings/prices in the area are too expensive for your budget. Depending on the hotel, there are a lot of food options you can prepare that aren't bad for you, and either don't require keeping, or can be prepared with minimal effort and kept in the ice container, etc. I suggest reading the advice in that regard in the ACen Discussion forum stickied threads.
  8. Over-priced merchandise?

    One thing to remember about merchandise costs: (Speaking about Dealers Room, not Artists Alley) There is a lot of overhead involved for a Dealer to bring you merchandise at a convention. And, of course, the convenience of having it right there. They import the merchandise from Japan, then have to pay for the gas to drive it in their low MPG van to the convention (sometimes 1000+ miles), then they have to rent a hotel room for the weekend for all their staff. Then they have to pay for the Dealer room booth, a power drop from the convention center, sometimes load-in/load-out fees from the con center union, etc. (And these union fees are EXPENSIVE.) All that can add a significant overhead, on top of trying to turn a profit on the item. Also: Anime/Manga merch is expensive in general. I went to Akihabara on my trip to Japan a few summers ago, and little plushies were about $30-40. Half-sized wallscrolls were $35. Figmas are $40-60. Nendos are $15 or so.
  9. 2012 Gripes thread

    We do our best to meet the varying needs of panelists when creating the schedule. Sometimes events end up being more popular than expected, or scheduling conflicts arise, etc. Room placement was also based on the application's stated attendance, but I think some panelists didn't understand what was being asked exactly. So for next year we'll be reviewing the panel application to improve clarity.
  10. 2012 Gripes thread

    About the comments on Japanese guests: ACen this year coincided with Golden Week in Japan, which probably makes it harder to find guests willing to come over, as that is a major holiday week in Japan. PS: Looking for missing persons or children is a possibility. They may have also been looking to catch counterfeit badges, but this is just my personal speculation.
  11. 2012 Gripes thread

    As a general comment to our attendees posting in this thread: Getting ideas from a multitude of people can be a good way to see different viewpoints on how an issue may be handled better in the future. So while gripes let us know about issues you may have had, also balancing that with constructive criticism and possible ways to address the situation are even better :)
  12. Acen 2012: The Recap

    To reply to a few things here: Equipment failure was the main issue with regards to Liberty. The systems for printing the badges were being problematic, delaying their ability to process people. There were logistical issues with having the arcade machines in other locations AFAIK. Obviously it was not ideal to have them split, but with the con continuing to grow, there are large demands to be met for larger event space, of course. As for the panel line camping situation: It's really a tough issue to deal with. If you don't set limits on when people can line up, then people feel obligated to show up hours early for panels they want to attend, which causes a fire hazard/line nightmare as they clog the area while panels before it in the same room would also be lining up. But at the same time, there are attendees that are still going to want to be at the head of the line that will always loiter just outside of the "restricted area." And with panel cancellations: Unfortunately, we cannot control panelists with regards to showing up for their panels or fulfilling their commitments. It is indeed unfortunate how many were unable to happen this year. PS: In order to avoid long lines, I cannot recommend enough to attendees to pay the extra $2 and get your badge mailed to you ahead of con. If your plans are rather shaky until closer to the con, you can still order a badge for Will Call up to a few weeks before ACen. My friend had his badge on Will Call for example, and Thursday night he only waited less than 10 minutes to get it.
  13. Guidebook vs. Panel Programming PDFs

    If you choose the "Tracks" icon in Guidebook it brings up schedules broken down by type. If you don't have a smartphone, you can still access the Guidebook app here: http://m.guidebook.com/429/
  14. Acen schedule for people without fancy phones?

    The schedules are available in PDF format on the ACen main site. Otherwise you can also access the ACen Guidebook app from any web browser here: http://m.guidebook.com/429/
  15. con survival guide y'all....

    This came up in another thread, but the ACen Guidebook App can also be accessed online here, even if you don't have a smartphone: http://m.guidebook.com/429/ The Program book is, of course, the most comprehensive guide on what's going on at Anime Central. But the Guidebook app can be handy if you lose your program book, or just find it more handy to look up on your phone. Probably the most useful part of the app -- you can add panels to a personal schedule, and the App will warn you if the schedule has changed at the con, and if it affects events you currently have in your personal schedule. (AKA "real-time" updates) The event schedules are under the "Tracks" section. As you can see, this means the events are conveniently broken down into common themes, such as Main Events, Panel Programming, Guest Events, etc.