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  1. Kuroshisuji ~ Black Butler 2016

    I have some Friday Black Butler meet photos at the beginning of my FB album. :)
  2. Yowamushi Pedal Gathering 2016

    Every time I go to a YowaPeda shoot, I just want to keep everyone. My photos from the shoot are in a FB album. Haven't added any to tumblr yet because I am slow. It was awesome seeing you guys!
  3. Anime Central 2016 Photo Album!

    Here's my FB album. Mainly the Friday Black Butler and Saturday Yowamushi Pedal shoots. :)
  4. A big shout out to Millions_Knives

    Thank you very much, Millions_Knives! :)
  5. Final Fantasy 2016!

    Hi, everyone! Sadly I won't be able to make the Friday shoot either but I would be interested in a Saturday shoot. I'll be busy Sat. morning and participating in the masquerade, but if there was one early afternoon or so, I'd definitely aim to go. I have another friend who will also be in a FF cosplay on Saturday but I'm not sure what his schedule will be.
  6. Yowamushi Pedal Gathering 2016

    Aww, thank you so much! I'm really excited too! I will find youuuuuuu! P.S. - Thank you very much for setting up the photo shoot time! :)
  7. Amtrak?

    Will be taking 4 Southwest Chief from Missouri. Expected to arrive on 5/19 at 3:15pm. First time, so we'll see!
  8. Yowamushi Pedal Gathering 2016

    Oh my goooodnessss! I love your tumblr posts. Just gonna put that out there. It'll be my first ACen and I'm not sure how or if the cosplay contest will conflict but I'm going to try my darndest to make the YowaPeda shoot on Sat! I'll be a short Kinjou. ^_^ Looking forward to meeting you guys and other biking babes!
  9. Single Looking for Room

    ***EDIT: Found a room, thanks! Good luck, everyone!***
  10. Countdown to ACen 2016

    158.5 days!
  11. First ACen!

    Hello everyone and thanks for the welcome! I was sure to select the mailing option and it's kind of amazing that that's an option. Tis a very nice feature. Can't wait until it's time for the convention! Until then, I'll try to take in all of the forum fun. :)

    Both of these groups are amazing and have several easily recognizable songs. It would be great to see either. (Or both, ha!)
  13. First ACen!

    Thanks! Glad to be here. Cookies sound really good right now.
  14. First ACen!

    Hello everyone! 2016 will be my first time going to ACen and I'm pretty excited. I haven't done very many cosplays but I plan to bring Fran (FFXII), Prince Soma (Black Butler), and one or two more. Maybe my Barret (FFVII). I guess I could’ve put that in my signature. Ah well! But yeah! I'm an 'older' cosplayer (25+). For the most part I attend conventions in my home area, KCMO, but I do like Nebkon and next year I'm branching out to see what ACen is all about. Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to all of the awesomeness and great people! :)/>/>
  15. Uchikubigokumon-Doukoukai 2016!

    I've never heard of them but already love these two songs. That they're both about food make it even better, haha.