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I've been a video game fan since 1988, an anime/manga fan since 1998, and a con-goer since 2005. My first anime series were Ranma 1/2 and Slayers TV. My current favorite video games include the Civilization series, Grand Prix Story, Persona 4, Harvest Moon Boy and Girl, Worms Armageddon, and A Link Between Worlds. My current animanga favorites include Black Lagoon, Hayate the Combat Butler, Bakemonogatari, and Summer Wars.


During ACen 2015, I intend to do the following:


* Cosplay for the first time.

* Browse the artist alley for unique and interesting things.

* Enjoy board/card games in dedicated rooms, and while waiting in lines.

* Attend a few panels in order to rest and pace myself.

* Go to some relevant photoshoots, and take pictures at a few others.

* Not walk too much.