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  1. Soapbubble & Harcore Synergy 2010

    I dabble in D&B, though these days I'm more experimental. ACen politics means the Drum & Bass is minimized to a single DJ, if not pushed out altogether. Former resident DJ Namel0c produces and spins Dubstep. ACen politics means the Dubstep gets pushed out. Well, that's (a significant) part of it. In addition, since there are so many DJ's guaranteed resident spots, and possibly a preference for DJ's who have played more conventions around the country (vs. U.S. club or rave DJ's), and most of the kids being into the more dancy, simpler EDM (trance, techno, breaks [as Dubstep/D&B fans of the use are typically niche fans]), I'd guess that a Dubstep or Drum&Bass fix is highly unlikely. Even further, to shift the blame our way a bit, I know that neither of us have "applied" this year, as a result of how things have gone in the past couple years. I guess I'd say, you can't expect anything something different from the sorts of music genres ACen has been employing, when it's what the kids what. Since there aren't an infinite amount of hours and UG/SB don't go on all weekend, someone (or some genres) have to get the shaft. That's much of why requests like these go unrequited, and why I've seen posts like yours (Alkaren Hyralt) year after year. Further, many more of the remixers of anime tend to be of those aforementioned genres (when was the last time anyone heard a Dubstep anime remix? Exactly). Makes it a bit more appropriate to have what they have. Meh. Just a utilitarian approach to SB/UG, I suppose.
  2. Car Show