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  1. Hi, I'd like to suggest bringing Band Maid to Anime Central in 2017. Their music and general aesthetic are perfect for ACen. As their band name suggests, they perform in maid outfits. They're releasing a new album in January of 2017, so it would be timely to bring them over to the U.S. next Summer as well. Here's a link to their latest video and single: Please consider them. Even if they haven't had any music featured in anime, Band Maid is a great band that would fit in at ACen. :) Here are some other songs/videos by Band Maid: Thank you for your time. -Brian
  2. Other Midwest conventions?

    I'll be there! My band is performing! :D If you're attending, please swing by and catch our set. I believe we're the first band to perform on the mini stage on Friday (3 pm). Sorry for the spammy reply, but I'm just really excited to finally perform at an anime convention and it's difficult NOT to be enthusiastic about the show. We're aiming to set the bar pretty high so that people know that "mini" stage acts are just as good as the main stage acts. :) We put up 2 teaser videos of 2 anime song covers that we're including in our set. Links to the teasers are in my sig.
  3. Heavensward!

    Is there any reason to play the current version of Final Fantasy XIV now that we're days away from Heavensward?! I log in and do a few Crystal Tower runs just for fun until Heavensward gets here. In terms of end game gear, I'm somewhere in the middle of the ridiculously long Zodiac Weapon quests, so there's no use in trying to complete it with a few days left. I imagine that Heavensward will have even better weapons anyway, so what's the use, right? I've been a summoner throughout A Realm Reborn, so I'm sticking with it in Heavensward to see how it goes. I liked what I saw from the announced changes so far. Are any of you looking forward to the expansion?
  4. Hey, just a thought... why not bring over Tomoko Kawase (Tommy Heavenly6) for 2016? I haven't read anything about her coming to the U.S. recently, so it would be special if she came to ACen. Among other things, she sang the Soul Eater OP "Black Paper Moon."
  5. I wasn't sure if this was the right forum for this, so please let me know if it needs to be deleted or posted somewhere else. My band, Face Time Police, is performing this year at Anime Midwest! It's our first anime convention gig, so I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to perform amongst fellow Otaku. I've been trying to get on the bill since last year and they finally budged and gave us a slot on the MINI stage this year. I was told that acts on the mini stage wouldn't be promoted on their site, so I need all the help I can get in spreading the word about our set. We're doing a set of both originals and covers. Face Time Police at Anime Midwest 2015 Friday, July 3rd, 3:00 pm on the MINI Stage http://www.animemidwest.com/schedule-2015 "Follow Me" Cover/Anime Midwest Announcement: (Note: "Follow Me" is from Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad) "Shissou" Cover: (Note: "Shissou" is from Ouran High School Host Club) Please take a moment to watch our quick teaser videos and please let me know if you can make it to our set. It would be nice to see some of you there. We definitely need help getting the word out about the show, so please let me know if you can help in any way. A simple tweet or Facebook update to share the video with your friends is a great place to start. ;)/>/> Of course, if you'd like to help out even further by passing out flyers or something like that, please contact me and we'll hook you up with those and send some free stuff your way. I can be contacted at: brian (at) facetimepolice.com More updates will be posted on http://www.facetimepolice.com. Thanks for your time, Brian
  6. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm a fighting game junkie, so I've been playing Mortal Kombat a lot lately. I don't really have a main, nor do I play competitively, but I'm not a button masher. When I'm not playing that, I jump back and forth between Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, DMC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition, and Final Fantasy XIV.
  7. Worst Anime You Have ever seen?

    It's hard to name the worst anime I've ever seen because it would have to be so bad that my brain suppressed all memories of it completely. For the sake of contributing to the thread... of the DVD's that I own, I have never been able to fully get into the Persona: The Animation episodes. Nothing about it grabs me. I'm only familiar with the Persona fighting games, so maybe that's it. What do you Persona 4 fans think of the anime? Is it good, bad, great, meh, etc.?
  8. Eir Aoi

    I thought she was a shoe-in to appear this year since SAOII and Kill La Kill are currently airing on Adult Swim, but it's cool.. I loved Scandal and wouldn't trade their appearance this year for the world. :)/> Anyway... any thoughts on bringing Eir Aoi over next year?
  9. I heard this idea on a podcast and it would be really cool if some convention could make it happen. Also, I was reminded of this at Cristina Vee's autograph signing. I had the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD strategy guide and had her sign the section with Cinque (her character). Someone asked me "are you gonna try and get all of Class Zero's signatures?" hmm. If there was only some way to get them all to the same convention... ;) Why not bring the English VA's of Class Zero (from Final Fantasy Type-0) to one convention for a panel and autograph signing? Aside from Cristina Vee and Bryce Papenbrook, I think most of Class Zero's VA's are pretty new, so it would be nice to see some new faces at ACen (not that there's anything wrong with any of the recurring guests). Anyway, I live in my own little bubble. I don't even know how big (or small) Type-0 is. I did see a handful of Class Zero cosplayers this year, but that was it.
  10. Bryce Papenbrook

    Personally, I'd like to see the VA's from Final Fantasy Type-0 (all of Class Zero would be ideal) on one panel and autograph signing. I think most of the other VA's (besides Bryce and Cristina Vee) are pretty new, or at least, haven't been in as many big roles.
  11. 2015 Guest Feedback

    Yes... if you bought a T shirt, you were guaranteed a photo with the band. The photoshoot was on Saturday night in Panel Room 8. I forgot the exact time it occurred, but I received all of that info from Scandal's merch girls when I bought a shirt. The photoshoot was just as "militarized" as the signings, so it was very hit or miss. You were to give the Scandal staff 1 camera or 1 phone to take the photo with, and the photographer takes ONE shot of you with the band. Some people got crappy photos because of the way it was handled, and I was afraid that my photo would turn out badly because the person I gave my camera to counted "ONE, TW...*CLICK*... UH..." then he just stared at the shot preview for a second, then handed my camera to me. I tried to ask him what the problem was, but he either didn't understand me or maybe he just wanted to keep the line moving... anyway, the photo turned out pretty good. Some of the members on the outer edges were slightly blurry, but it wasn't anything that Photoshop couldn't fix/hide. hehe. My photo with Scandal: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brianftp/17644900000/
  12. 2015 Guest Feedback

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for bringing Scandal to ACen this year. Their concert was amazing, the band seemed to be in a good mood at their signings and shoots, and it all just added up to what should be taken away from a con, a handful of great memories. I'm an even bigger fan of theirs now. :)
  13. Other Midwest conventions?

    It was already mentioned, but Anime Midwest takes place in the same venue as ACen. It's definitely not as big, but it's still pretty cool. I believe that the same organizers also hold a con in Winter called "Con Alt Delete" (again, at the same venue). I'm honestly not aware of how big or small that event is since I haven't been to their Winter con.
  14. 2015 Photo Thread!

    Hello. I have a small gallery of photos from ACen 2015. If you know the cosplayers in these photos, please pass along the URL. Thanks. :)/> ACen 2015: https://flic.kr/s/aHskbPh6NQ