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  1. Photobombing

    I'd like to know if anyone here has photobombed on purpose, and if so did you get frowns or smiles?
  2. Other Midwest conventions?

    The more I check out Anime Midwest, the more I'm liking it. Anyone planning on attending?
  3. Photobombing

    For those people you described, it would be reasonable for them to get upset over receiving something that was unexpected and unwelcome. If given a second opportunity to take a photo, then I suppose all would be better than well. They would have both the pic they wanted in the first place, AND an added humorous experience of their respective Con. Funny how one thing, or lack there of, can have an opposite end result.
  4. Adult Responsibilities vs Anime Cons

    You only live once. I'll just leave it at that.
  5. Other Midwest conventions?

    It would be interesting if MAP decided to have a second A.C.E.N. in a calendar year. Perhaps focusing more towards cosplaying and said related events on a smaller scale.
  6. First Time Caller, Long Time Addict

    ã¯ã˜ã‚ã¾ã—㦠(Hajimemashite). I hope to have lively discussions here to further fuel my anime addiction. I can't seem to find the cure for this stuff, so I decided long ago to give in and embrace the darn thing. Well, I'll either see you here or at ACen 2016.