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  1. Formal Dance

    Hi! Sorry for a long wait since I just came back from FanimeCon yesterday. I was the Tuxedo Totoro at the Prom! I had a fun time that I actually will always remember that awesome shoe catch from my one partner during the Prom. I'm going to post what needs to be said about the event with my honest post hopefully this event will improve: My thought on the ACen Prom: Dance Lesson: There was no dance lesson. How are you going to teach people to dance? You need lessons to help build confidence to attendees before attending these event. I'm sure you have done Crystal Ball in the past but having no dance lesson might discourages people from those who knows how to do them such as looking at my style of dancing. Setting: It had a that prom feel to it. Like the staff told me, they wanted a prom look. I really enjoyed the standing tables we can set up our drinks and other stuff while standing aside from sitting on tables. When I look at the place it made me think back in the old days. But my major gripe of the place is there is no dance floors which is very bad for experienced dancers such as myself. Musiclist: The songlist was geared towards clubs with little bit of Latin and Swing than Ballroom dancing. My only major problem with the song list was there was rarely any Anime, Video Game, J-pop song, to be heard any where. The only Anime related song was the Pokemon song. I only heard very few Disney song which is "Let it go" and "Beauty and the Beast". But the songlist was pretty solid for mainstream stuff that I had fun getting the crowd pumped just like the clubs. This also reminds me what I missed back in my good old prom but I felt a lot wild and having fun at the same time with the whole group that I interacted with the group doing the Gangnam style, Party Rock Anthem, Sexy and you know that. Even though the song choice are very good for mainstream that I had fun, It would been better if the DJ would consider balance the song based on the fan base instead of relying on songs that belong to a non-anime crowd. I have to say it was weird to listen to Party Rock Anthem TWICE in the whole event. Other things to add: We were offered snacks and replenishment which is very rare at other events. This helps a lot since if we plan to stick around for a bit and the dance is 5 hours long. But it would be nice to see more different kind of replenishment on the table. Another thing I like to add was there are alcohol being served inside of the dance which is the first time seeing one like that. Overall: I'm very skeptical about formal dance/ball charging for event since we raise our expectation high. This was surprisingly not bad for what we paid for but needs improvement on songlists. This event was surprisingly fun in a "different" way. Yes it lacks ballroom dance portion of it to make it feel like a formal ball. I heard the con wanted to celebrate their con turning 18 that they wanted to make the event feel more prom so that I can kind of understand. Even though it went away from the whole formal ball and ballroom dance direction feels more like a club with formal attire which I don't mind. I danced with people, I swing danced, I got to go wild depending on the song, socialized with people, busted out breakdancing in our circle while others were doing it, join the conga line, and had an unexpected moment that my dance partner caught her shoes while we were on our dip pose. All this stuff doesn't really happen much at other formal related events that it's like a different feel on it's own. You might love it or hate it. For me it took me a while to adapt and then at the end, I had a great time. But with stuff to tweak with this event, it could of been a nice formal dance on it's own. But when compared to other dances, it still have long way to go to be the best but still needs more tweaking. Simple summary: +Length of the ball (5 hours) +Very fun and solid song list that is dance able for everyone regardless of skill +Snack and Replenishment during the event. +Alcohol being served for adults and can be drink at anywhere at the room. +Room is spacious -Paying $10 for the event, can be very steep but it varies on the person whether it's worth it or not. -No dance lesson. No dance assistance -No dance floor for experienced dancers. -Needs more Ballroom Dance track. -Lack of Anime, Video Game, or any fan related songs that they could of choose from I done a lots of reviews on formal ball/dance at other anime cons such as Katsucon, SakuraCon, and FanimeCon. When I show up next year, I hope you will actually fix these problems or step up your game. I'm also the event organizer for Kraken Con's Masked Ball and plan on expanding more at other cons locally around the West coast area. If you like to check more of my reviews at formal ball/dance at other Anime Cons and have facebook, please check out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/537475112994658/ The group also have people from different cons that are big into the events and few other event organizers that would love to help each other out! If you like a great example of how a formal ball ran in a big con with great results, please check out my review on FanimeCon's B&W Ball.
  2. Hi! This is Craig! I'm also known as cosplaying Brain Age on day 0 and then focused on cosplaying Master Hand and Crazy Hand cosplay from Smash Bros and did Tuxedo Totoro being so lively. I had a great at the con that I'm willing to hopefully come back again next year depending on my budget! It was an amazing experience that I hope to push my next cosplay harder for new ideas! I had fun meeting other people and had a blast at the Prom event! Made it worth it! I do watch Anime here and there but I'm mostly a gamer since I enjoy playing Music Game and other unique games. I also enjoy social dancing such as Ballroom Dancing and Swing Dancing if you saw my Tuxedo Totoro at the Prom! If you like to check out more what I do and have facebook check out my page www.facebook.com/brainagecosplay Nonono! I'm not here to get more likes. I wanted to connect with people and learn about different culture at con scenes and other places and I can tell you mine if you're welcome to check it out if my page to your liking! I'm planning on wanting to do a panel about traveling to different anime cons in the US and my word of advice of how to pull it off. I also do reviews of formal dance/ball at other cons group https://www.facebook.com/groups/537475112994658/ which I did a review on the ACen Prom this year. Hope you'll enjoy and I'm looking forward to get to know all of you!