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  1. My views on ACen 2017

    This is my vlog for the saturday starting at entering the alley: I have been to past 3 ACens but this year is straight up a fire hazard.
  2. Amtrak?

    Ah.... thats the CONO Superliner (#58). It is a bi-level train with its own sightseeing lounge. I assume you are taking coach, which means it is upstairs. Doubt many of them coming from the east.
  3. Amtrak?

    FYI: Amtrak sale ends today for travel between March 20th to May 24th: https://www.amtrak.com/presidents-day-sale
  4. Countdown From A Million!

  5. Amtrak?

    Ah you should have applied for the Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card before the year end, it gives you 30000 bonus points. Right now it gives you 20000 points but still good for a bedroom on the Lake Shore Limited, one-way. ( Or if you can tolerate switching trains in Washington DC and have no checked luggage, the Capitol Limited bedroom are much cheaper, $260 vs. $480 one way.)
  6. Countdown From A Million!

  7. Hotel issues 2016

    Speaking of which, we were at the Priority check-in line at the Hyatt (for being a Hyatt Diamond GP member), and the lady that works on that counter just keep chatting with one of the con-goers. Our line move SLOWER than the regular check in line, so we just jump over. <_<
  8. I have to call in order to use an Hyatt GP award certificate (i.e. Free stay) instead of using their regular online system. Such a pain in the @$$ I guess for them, any publicity is good publicity.
  9. I already booked the Hilton from 5/18 - 5/22/17 assuming those are the dates. Time to dust off those credit cards in the sock drawer and start hoarding rooms :P
  10. Countdown From A Million!

  11. Countdown From A Million!

    0x000EDB30 or 973,616 0x is the prefix for hexadecimal numeric constants in computing. You drop that part and now that reads 000EDB30. Then you convert it to decimal
  12. Countdown From A Million!

  13. Countdown From A Million!

    0x000EDB37 or 0000 0000 0000 1110 1101 1011 0011 0111
  14. Guest Relations

    Ah hah, Florida is considered a dark hole for Amtrak since "Sunset East" route was being cut due to Hurricane Katrina. Hopefully the CONO extension will come online in time for a direct route from ORL-CHI. Anyhoo I use the official site and able to find tickets ORL-CHI for $160 one way (8-hour stopover at Washington DC). As for time, treat that as a "land cruise" and enjoy the scenery, while skipping the TSA pat-down :thumbup:/>/>
  15. The term "weeaboo"

    Most Japanese stuff are Made in China anyway.... attaching a Japanese-sounding name to an otherwise generic product increases its market value dramatically.