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  1. Okay, bad news, I don't have cash because of problems that came out today. All my cash is going to food and transport. I'll try to give some money upfront, but I can't pay all up front. If anyone is still interested in taking me on as a roommate, go ahead and message me on my Facebook (Megan Kortmann) for that is the best place to contact me.
  2. Roommates wanted

    Um, has anyone taken up your offer yet? I just need someplace to crash because of late night meet-ups. I know I am only 18, but I am really desperate.
  3. Room for 1 more at the Doubletree

    18/f here. Please contact me through Skype or just PM me. On Skype I'm SHSL Ghoul, if you see a picture of a blonde with blue glasses, you've got the right girl.
  4. Space Avaliable

    Do you happen to have space left?
  5. Plans fell through recently and I need a place to stay for the con. I promise to pay my way and keep things clean, but I really need a place to stay. I'm 18 years old and female, just fyi.