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  1. Does it cost extra money to go see Distant Worlds concert? I'm not finding information on the Anime Central website or the group's website.
  2. Destiny the game

    Hello Guardians, I have an awoken warlock costume, and am seeking out other Destiny cosplayers for patrol. The contacts and face paint make this difficult to wear, so my time will be limited to a few hours on one day only. I am also interested in a photographer who is familiar with the game and is into SFX. Hopefully I can get the bond fixed so it illuminates again, and make some other improvements. The most recent version is visible on the right. I plan on wearing this costume Saturday morning. http://www.facebook.com/Glasshound
  3. Destiny the game

    I noticed the Guidebook has a listing for a photoshoot at 10:00 AM on Saturday at Cosplay area #2. I am eager to see your light then. Maybe I can carve up a Red Hand IX in time for the weekend.
  4. Final Fight Cosplay

    Hey, check out the fighting game shoot Saturday at 16:00. I know of some other SNK cosplayers that will be there, and it's a good spot to get recognized. Also, I have a good personal friend that also cosplays Guy. She would be super stoked if I brought home a photo.
  5. In the past, I made a laptop bag out of extra fabric, and it was a nice touch to have something that matches. For a female costume I also have made a clutch, just to keep everything together. It's simple just to dump it for photos. ------------ Mad props for the Keith Apicary avatar brasilianman. SEGA!!
  6. Vocaloid 2015

    Hello Again Friday 19:00 / Panel Room 11 The World is Hers: A Vocaloid Panel *CANCELLED* Friday 20:15 / Panel Room 08 J-Pop Culture Idols and Hatsune Miku ============================================ I think I am able to plan my costume line-up for the weekend now. I will be wearing Kaito Friday daytime, and again on Sunday. Friday evening only, Luka will be dancing into the night. I have other plans for the rest of the weekend, so catch me while you can.
  7. Vocaloid 2015

    Hey there, I will be cosplaying Kaito for part of the weekend. This one is usually a big hit wherever I go, and I am always happy to meet other Vocaloid fans. http://www.facebook.com/Glasshound I will be also doing a cross-play as a Megurine Luka on one of the evenings, so keep in touch if you would like to see me then.