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  1. registration questions

    So me and a friend got our badges in the mail do we still need to go down today and register ?
  2. Cash or Card ?

    So i was wondering do most of the vendors take credit cards or should i take cash with me to be on the safe side ?
  3. Cash or Card ?

    ouch ya that doesn't sound like a good time lol, alright thanks for the answers ya ill probably just end up bringing cash it just seems easier
  4. ACEN 2015 Plans

    Ya when i saw that there was going to be a final fantasy concert i got even more excited then i already was and now im even more hyped to go to the concert cant wait. Also im going to try and go to your sword art online panel big fan of sword art online and i would also love to get some pictures of you as rikka that show had me feeling all kinds of emotions amazing show.
  5. ACEN 2015 Plans

    Well this will be my first year going so i plan on doing as much as i possibly can. And im super excited for the final fantasy concert cant wait, i also plan o taking a ton of pictures ive been wanting to go to an anime convention for quite some time but everything kept getting in the way lol. Im also interested in going to the voice acting industry how to get in panel.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone the names Mark and this will be my first year attending ACen, so if anyone has any tips for me that would be awesome. Ive been wanting to go for a few years now but something always managed to get in the way but i finally made it lol.
  7. Hello Everyone

    Sweet thanks for the tips ya im going the full 3 days so ive been trying to save up as much money as possible for all the swag lol. What can you usually buy at the convention sorry if that's a vague question pretty much anything i can think of ?