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  1. Two Issues

    Thanks, that worked :D
  2. Two Issues

    Hi! 1. On the forum homepage for me, there's been an "Unread Notifications" box there for the past few months telling me I have new replies not read...that have been read and deleted from my inbox for quite a while alreayd, but these notifications are still there. I have no option to manually clear them (here's a screenshot). This has persisted across multiple PCs/browsers. 2. Can someone please change my user/login name to "MKSharun" (dropping the e) ? Please and thank you
  3. What We Leave Behind

    Part of me is saying NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE, the other is intrigued by how this will go down...you evil person you.
  4. Won't make the regular meet & greet since I'm heading to see Babymetal, but I will definitely try to make it to the after party
  5. Babymetal

    Awesome :D This 12 hr drive for both BM and Scandall is soooo gonna be worth it.
  6. Howdy

    Oh I'm used to crazy weather, I'll remember to fill my backpack to brim with snackage. :D/>
  7. Interesting. This is my first time going to ACen, so I might drop in, sounds like a great thing...either this or pick up stubhub tix for BM. Ahhhhhh its hard for me to decide >.<
  8. Babymetal

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone going to ACen is also going to the Babymetal concert that same week in Chicago House of Blues (Thursday May 14th). That's one helluva crazy weekend with them, ACen and Scandal all in a row!
  9. Howdy

    Guess this is the place for first-timers? :happydance:/> Hey everyone, this will be my first time attending ACen (and really, my first time attending a large anime con in general). Finances when I was younger prevented me from going to anything as a teen, but I figure now that I'm 27 and still way into anime for my own good I should definitely go to one (Scandal kinda sealed the deal here). Unfortunately my buddy I was planning to attend with can't make it, so it's gonna be a bit daunting alone wandering around... Hoping to make some friends and have an adventure while I'm there :)/>