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  1. I will be running a Haikyu Q&A panel at Anime Midwest 2017! We will be answering audience questions, truth/dares and speed dating! Maybe even play some volleyball! The panel is PG-13 so ages 13+ can apply to be a panelist! The panel will be anime cast only (no manga only characters) and no gender-bended characters (sorry). Official uniforms are preferred but definitely not required! I would like the group to look put together. Currently we have a Hinata, Kageyama, Nishinoya, Suga, Tsukki, Kiyoko, Yamaguchi, Kenma and Kuroo!!! We would like to have as many Karasuno members as possible, as well as other Nekoma, Aobajosai, Fukurodani and Shiratorizawa members! But you can apply to be any character you’d like!! If you would like to become a panelist for this Q&A, send your answers to the following questions to zcosplayinc@gmail.com Name: Facebook/Skype (or other method of contact you check regularly): Age (as of July-7-2017): Character: Attached photo of your cosplay. *If I have multiple applications for the same character, I will have each person either Skype with me OR send a video to me of them answering questions AS their character. If you have any questions, please comment below or email zcosplayinc@gmail.com
  2. Haikyuu

    I would love to plan a Haikyuu meetup/photoshoot for ACen 2017! Would would be on board? I'm gonna cosplay either Nishinoya or Kenma!
  3. hey, I'm looking for the photographer that took pictures for us after the Tokyo ghoul photo shoot. We were standing at the wall left of the fountain. The photographer had a heavy accent and kaneki mask. The photo shoot was of me (Suzuya), a fem Suzuya and the black and white twins! Let me know if you know his contact info so I can see the pictures!! :D
  4. Gripes Against Individuals

    The original location for the Tokyo Ghoul photoshoot on Saturday just happened to be the SAME location where all the stoners from the rave line went to go smoke! So we stood for 10 minutes surrounded by the horrid smell of smoke and weed. I heard some poor girl coughing really hard and had to leave the shoot. I know people have to smoke but go AWAY AWAY to smoke, like somewhere where there's NOT other people who dont smoke!
  5. ACen 2015 Review

    So I went to Anime Central 2015 for just 2 days, Saturday and Sunday and this is how it went. My cosplays for the 2 days were Suzuya Juzo on Saturday and Sasori on Sunday. Obviously I cant relay what happened on Friday b/c I wasn't there but apparently someone pulled the fire alarm in the convention center so a bunch of events got postponed and everyone had to stay in the street. Sounds like it sucked. If you went on Friday, you can comment with how that went? Artist/Dealers: Overall, I noticed that ACen wasn't as crowded as last year. Idk if this is because I wasn't traveling with a group of 6 but it just seemed better over all. The artist and dealers room was amazing as always with many many MANY places to buy art, buttons, cosplay items and much more! I got a lot of cool anime prints from three different vendors and all look so good. There were a bunch of jewelry vendors and I got a cute dragon ear cuff from one of them. I didn't spend much time in the dealers because that was where the crowds were and I had no interest in anything in there. The dealers mostly just had clothes, manga/anime, figurines, plush's (though I did buy a little blue ram plush) and props. Everything still looked really cool and there was still some variety in the merchandise. A lot of artists lowered prices on Sunday by a few dollars which was nice, one girl even sold me a $15 print for just $12 cuz that's all I had. Some artists even had sales, like one girl who had buy 2 prints and get 1 free plus a free bookmark, and the prints were only $10 each! That was amazing so I'm glad to see a lot of artists drop prices a little bit and let you negotiate on Sunday. Panels: I didn't go to very many panels over the weekend, actually only 2. The one on Saturday was "Who's Line is it Anime" where they did fun scenes and acts based on game prompts. They used raffle tickets to get the audience involved and act out the scene which was very funny since 2 Pearl cosplayers got called up in a row and they were spot on! The hosts were funny and cheesy and 3 guys wearing kilts so what's not to love? The other panel was on Sunday and it was the "Hai who? Haikyuu!" panel for the volleyball anime Haikyuu. That panel was.....eh. There were 5 panelists, one host who was not in cosplay, 2 characters from JUST the manga, one very minor character and one character a lot of people dislike (at least I do). The host started off by explaining the anime and who each other panelists character was and so on... Then they tried to start a game involving the audience which didn't go very well. I personally thought they could have cast more major characters from Haikyuu into the panel to make it more of a character Q&A, I realizes it was their panel and they can do what they want. Me and my group ended up leaving 25 minutes in because we got bored, other people left too when they saw we were going (lol). That panel was mediocre, at least for me. Cosplay/Photo Shoots: The cosplays at ACen were spectacular as usual! The major fandoms were Tokyo Ghoul and Steven Universe, at least I think so because I saw a TON of cosplayers for those. I went to 2 photo shoots during the weekend. The first was on Saturday afternoon and it was the Free! shoot ONLY because I wanted to meet MangoSirene. She's an incredible cosplay Youtuber who goes to lots of conventions. She was cosplaying waiter Haruka and I took a selfie with her which actually made my heart pound at 1000 mph. She was so cute and nice and I'm pretty sure I weirded her out but it was worth it. The other photo shoot was for Tokyo Ghoul on Saturday night. Oh boy. Let me tell you about this damn shoot. First of all, the original location was horrible. It was in that overhang tower on the right of the Hyatt, at it was 9pm so the lighting was horrible with only a few little ceiling lights. This location ALSO happened to be where all the smokers went before the rave. So the entire area smelled like weed and smoke. It was DISGUSTING!!! We stood around for 10 minutes (breathing in smoke) as people gathered and man did A LOT of people show up! Lots and lots of Tokyo Ghoul cosplayers! Eventually, the leader of the shoot had to move us into the convention center because more people showed up than expected. From then on, it was just a little crowded and really hot but we eventually got settled and began the shoot. The shoot was 70% Kaneki and 30% other characters, so it was a sea of white hair and masks. It was still a lot of fun once we got organized and I did take a lot of pictures from the shoot. After the shoot, me and a friend went to the fountain where we found 2 other Tokyo Ghoul cosplayers who had missed the shoot. They had a camera man with them and invited us to take pictures. It was...AMAZING! There was me (Suzuya) and a Fem!Suzuya, a Kaneki and the White and Black twins (sorry forgot their names). We took some awesome photos because their photographer really knew how to do his job. That was probably the highlight of my weekend. Staff: The staff this year were pretty good and the only interactions I really had with them was asking for directions. During panel like organization the staff made sure all the lines were separated and we all knew where the start and end was. Overall: All in all, Anime Central 2015 went great and I had fun with friends and met some new ones! I'm looking forward to my next convention which will be Anime Midwest 2015! As for merch: I got a Haikyuu print of the Karasuno team, a Decim from Death Parade, a Digimon print, Kaneki print and bookmark, Nishinoya and Asahi print, a blue ram plushy (which I named Howard) and a dragon ear cuff. If you went and have any stories from the convention, share below!!
  6. Situation: you're on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, you see someone you follow posts pictures of a cosplay of the same character you're doing. They're cosplay could be more or less intricate, a different version (like anime vs manga), a gender bend, with or without the prop, a closet cosplay....etc... What's your reactions? I ask this because someone I follow on Instagram is cosplaying the same character as me on Saturday (Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul), and I thought that was really cool!! I was excited to look at their pictures, to maybe ask them on how I can improve mine and so on. But there seems to be this...stigma among my friends and other people in the community, that whenever you see someone online cosplaying the same character as you, it has to be a competition. I kind of understand you can get competitive like trying to finish your cosplay before them or wanting it to look good but I often see people putting others down! "Your cosplays not as good as mine" "Oh you're miss this this this and this" "Mines gonna look so so much better!" Stop it! I think you should CELEBRATE when you see someone being the same character. It's cool that you're both being that character! And also reality flash guys, YOU are not the only fan of that character who people want to cosplay! I know, I know. Shocking. But really, you're not the only Inyuasha fan, the only Levi fan, the only Kaneki fan! Other people are going to cosplay that character! Even if it's in your friend group, be happy! Support and give each other tips! Cosplay is about fun and comfort and having a good time!
  7. Who Wants To Be A Pokemon Master!?

    Are the questions based in the show or games? Or a mix of them?
  8. The "Bandwagon" Cosplays

    I've noticed some things the more I go to cons and that is that every year brings its own "bandwagon" cosplay. What do I mean by this? I mean an anime/show that got VERY popular within a few months of the convention, meaning many many people cosplay from it, therefore, for lack of a better word, flooding the convention with cosplayers from this anime/show. I, personally, don't mind seeing 1000 Mikasa's or 1000 Elsa's. But there seems to be this disrespectful feeling toward people who "bandwagon" cosplay. I kind of understand why certain people get annoyed though. I mean, I LOVE minor animes that barely get recognition and sure sometimes it gets kinda old seeing the SAME characters, DESPITE THAT though, a convention IS NOT for your own personal tastes. It's not a customization event where you get to pick what everyone cosplays. People cosplay characters they love, or identify with, or love their outfit! And if that character happens to be Naruto or Elsa or Sailor Moon, then what right do you have to tell someone they can't cosplay?! Isnt that the point of cosplay?! To be a character that you love? So why would you be upset that the convention is full of the same character? You should be HAPPY that that one person found a character they identify with and love! That do you guys think about "bandwagon" cosplay? Do you like it? Do YOU cosplay characters from very popular animes/shows? and has anyone ever told you you cant/shouldn't cosplay them?
  9. 2015 Arcade

    I hope the good DDR machine is there. I dont know which edition but I love with one with all the popular songs like Butterfly, Captain Jack and Cartoon Heroes.
  10. Hello, so I was going to cosplay Sasori (from Naruto) so I got a short red plain wig. I decided to trim the bangs cuz they were really really long and of course, like the inexperienced coplayer I am, I botched it. The bangs are cut so that they stick out a bit like a tiny roof over my eyes. Its really irritating and even with this problem, I can't style the wig well to look like Sasori's hair. Which I thought was pretty simple but when I went at it with a comb and Got2B Glued, it proved a little challenging.
  11. Tokyo Ghoul 2015

    Hey I'm going to be Juzo! Do you know what day this gathering will take place so I know which day to Cosplay on?! :D