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  1. Pokemon 2016

    I assume Pokemon Friday is still happening because it's on the main site...but can anyone confirm that? Also, any pokemon cosplayers bringing their ORAS and down for some battles + friendship?
  2. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    I didn't see you, so I don't have any pictures of you (I totally would have for Chrono Cross!), but I saw this picture while browsing other people's hallway pictures: https://41.media.tumblr.com/54164f21e8601ca1ab135e850487f3cb/tumblr_nol768b5UD1qi2efdo3_1280.jpg Is that you?
  3. Town of Salem! - A good game!

    Town of Salem is my fetish. But really, I'm playing at least a couple games pretty much every night. Balanced Custom of typical 8/3/2/2 setup (town/mafia/neutral killing/neutral) is my jam, or balanced no-mafia . Feels like cheaters have been getting worse as time goes on. If anyone wants to be ToS friends, message me!
  4. 2015 Photo Thread!

    Here are most of the pictures I took Friday and Saturday. https://flic.kr/s/aHsk8i7eia I was the white-dress Wendy from Fairy Tail, reference to my avatar. If I asked to take your picture or you saw me at your shoot, look here! Also, if you met me and want to connect and make new friends, message me! ALSO, if you took any picture of my friends (Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus, Wendy in lots of the pictures), it would be cool to see some. Shoots mostly include: Fairy Tail Mario World of Warcraft Little bit of these shoots: Avatar League of Legends
  5. World of Warcraft Cosplay!

    Myself and company won't be wearing WoW cosplay (a little beyond our newbie skill level right now :P), but we're all avid WoW players and look forward to meeting and seeing you guys!
  6. fairytail 2015

    Myself, fiance, and a couple friends are all wearing our first-ever cosplays to ACen this year :), 4 dragon-slayers Myself as Wendy in her post-tenrou island white dress outfit Fiance as Gajeel in his first outfit Friend #1 as Natsu in his post-tenrou island outfit with the sleeved jacket Friend #2 as Laxus in his tenrou island outfit (I think) Looking forward to seeing all your experienced-cosplayer costumes and meeting you all :D