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  1. Wings??

    I did Mercy last year! I walked around the foyer/entrance area and mainly stuck around outside for photos and the cosplay gathering. I was lucky and had friends around me which really helped me get around easily and most people were kind and made room. I made them with two flag pole holders on my back and the wings had a base of pvc pipe, so if I needed them off I could pop them on and off if needed. My wings were pretty big too! They also were able to swivel so they could lay directly behind me when walking so they weren't full spread out like I had for pictures! Picture below to reference my size.~
  2. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    I'm currently working on Mercy and Widowmaker from Overwatch and Star Guardian Janna from League of Legends! I'll have Widow and Janna done early for C2E2, so I'm mainly focused on them now! Widow - Suit, gun, headpiece, shoulder piece, and wig are all ready. I need to make her leg armor and arm piece and it's good to go. Janna - Outfit is almost done, just a few details to add. I have the boots painted. I have some parts of her staff done but I need to finish that and her head piece. Mercy - I have her pistol, breastplate, halo, and her little fabric pieces done. I need to finish the wigs and staff and sew the sleeves together!
  3. League of Legends 2017

    I am! I'll be Star Guardian Janna and my friend will be Star Guardian Lux! I also have a Frost Queen Janna and Arcade Riven coming.
  4. Overwatch

    I'm doing Mercy as well as Widowmaker! I plan on wearing Mercy to the Overwatch gathering on Saturday!
  5. League of Legends 2016

    Anybody else doing a League cosplay? Last year I went as Arcade Miss Fortune, and I'll be bringing her again. I will also be making Ironscale Shyvana, and possibly Ashe. My boyfriend is cosplaying Teemo, I have a friend bringing Star Guardian Lux, another possibly bringing Ezreal, and another bringing Arcade Riven. It would be great if we could find an Arcade Sona to get an Arcade team.
  6. What are you going to be for ACen 2016?

    All from league of legends! Shyvana is almost complete. I also may walk around the area as Ashe Thursday night. c:
  7. League of Legends 2016

    My friend and I will be Arcade Miss Fortune and Arcade Riven respectively! Although I will only be wearing Miss F on Saturday because I'm wearing Shyvana to the league shoot. Hopefully we'll see you Saturday if you're wearing her, we could get some really nice group pics!
  8. Cosplay Progress 2016 Edition

    Everything I'm bringing is from League of Legends! Friday: Ironscale Shyvana - Currently in the process of building the armor. Have the dragon jaw pieces and the breastplate built. Need to work on the smaller pieces now then paint them. Also need to style my wig. Saturday: Arcade Miss Fortune - 90% done. I wore her last year, but I am re-making her guns to be lighter and better looking! I'll be walking around with my friend as Arcade Riven, along with some other League cosplayers. Sunday: Possibly Ashe, if I'm feeling up to getting into costume again. She is 100% done!
  9. League of Legends 2016

    We are all dressing up still! Although our Lux is no longer able to come with us. ):/
  10. Dat 2016 Room Block

    If you're able to get a room at the Crowne Plaza when the room block opens, I would recommend it. I stayed there last year and it was pretty nice, only thing was we got stuck with a smoking room. xc
  11. Dat 2016 Room Block

    I was lucky enough to have time between my classes today to book at the double tree. I went online to snag a double, but by the time I was going to confirm my information, all the doubles were out. This was only half an hour after I saw the Facebook post that room blocks were open. I called Double Tree to see if there was any doubles but all were taken, but ended up getting a king with a pull out queen. Can't believe how fast these rooms go. :>
  12. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    Friday I was dressed as Princess Bubblegum with a Flame Princess and Marshall Lee. Saturday I went as Arcade Miss Fortune. I went to the League photoshoot and even took a few selfies with some, so if anyone has those I'd love to see them!~
  13. The Elder Scrolls

    Me and my friend will be dressed as Nightingales on Sunday!
  14. What are your plans for ACen 2015?

    This will be my second time attending ACen, but it will be the first time I stay the whole weekend! On Friday I will be wearing Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, Saturday will be Arcade Miss Fortune from League of Legends, and on Sunday I will be wearing the Nightingale Armor set from Skyrim.
  15. League of Legends

    Arcade Miss Fortune! I'll be wearing her on Saturday!~