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  1. 2015 Photoshoot Bookings Open

    Only 3 spots left! Get them while they're still available! (`・ω・´)â€
  2. Panty and stocking with garter belt

    I'll be cosplaying Stocking's angel outfit on Saturday! uwu If there's more people cosplaying I think it'd be awesome to host a shoot.
  3. Gravity Falls

    Hey everyone! uwu My friends and I are cosplaying Gravity Falls on Saturday night of ACen (as Dipper, Wendy, and Mabel). I was wondering if anyone else is cosplaying from it, and if so wanted to hold a photoshoot Saturday evening! 'u'
  4. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    Only recently have I decided to try and pick up some form of exercise, since going to the gym my school has is a no go. When you're not at all fit and can't keep up, it's not the funnest experience to be among all those athletes doing their own thing. So instead lately I've been doing two different things: the first are some workouts you find on the internet. Usually I'm not fond of them, but I found two in particular I like. If you're into anime, there's sets of anime workouts that you can see here. (Bonus points, put on the soundtrack for said anime while you're doing it) The other one I really like is a Fall Out Boy work out, and I like this one because it's music based and easier to get into (for me). If I'm not doing either of those, trying to learn K-Pop dances usually is a good workout, or just dancing around for fun is a good way to get moving. 0u0
  5. 2015 Photoshoot Bookings Open

    Anime Central 2015 Photoshoot Bookings are open! Details below. PRICING: -15 minutes: $5 (Very quick, stay in one location) -30 minutes: $10 (Fairly quick, potential to change location) -45 minutes: $15 (Adequate time to change locations, and for two people) -1 hour: $20 (Recommended for groups, if not a group, as many locations as you'd like) -Unlimited number of people, but it's recommended only to do groups in an hour or more, just due to time constraints -Unlimited number of locations for 30+ minutes, but remember that it takes time out of your booking to move locations -You can book more than an hour, but space is limited. CONTACT: -After you fill out the forum, when it gets closer to the convention I'll personally contact you and ask you about where you'd like to shoot. RECEIVING PHOTOS: -Within two weeks after the convention, you will receive all photos taken in a ZIP file. PHOTO EDITS: -You are allowed to choose up to 5 photos you'd like me to edit (more if you've paid for a longer time slot). -Edited photos will be posted to my Tumblr and Photography page within two months after the convention. -You may edit any of your photos. POSTING PHOTOS: -If you post photos, you must credit me for the photography. -If you post photos I've edited, you must credit me for the photography AND editing. If you're interested, go ahead and check availability here, then fill out the forum here to pick your times. Examples of my work are located on my photography page, RRhymes Photography. Any questions? Feel free to reply to this forum, send me a private message, or message my Facebook page! I look forward to working with you! ^u^
  6. Nowhere to keep my phone

    A small purse you can easily drop behind your feet for photos is great! Or one of those wristlet clutch ones. Otherwise the only other thing I can think of would be to put your phone in your bra, which would work, but it might show in photos.
  7. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    With Evangelion so popular right now, it didn't come as a surprise to me that my Keiichi Maebara cosplay from Higurashi was mistaken for Shinji Ikari. Now it's a running joke with my friends that whenever I cosplay Keiichi, they all call me Shinji.
  8. Attack on Titan cosplay harness help?

    If you used the same one I did (which seems to be the most common one) then the directions are right here: http://cosplaywho.com/media/wysiwyg/how-to-wear.jpg Tips for using these belts! -Practice beforehand! These took me a whopping total of an hour to figure out the first time. I've worn them about six times now and I've gotten it down to about 20 minutes at the shortest. -Make adequate time to put on your belts the day of the con! Leave at least an hour if you're new to them. If you can, have someone help you! -If you can, sew on snaps! I can't stress this enough. Your belts WILL slide down throughout the day. It happens. No matter how much you tighten them till you feel like your leg might bruise, they will eventually end up sliding, and if you pull too hard, you can stress the material. The solution? Snaps. And by snaps I mean these things: http://tinyurl.com/nsgmjhp Basically you glue one side to the inside of the belt, and sew the other one to your pants, and then snap them together when you put them on, so your belts are connected to your pants. The more you put these on your belts, the better. The most key places I'd reccomend to put them are on the ones that wrap around your thighs, and right about your knees. Those slide the most. I hope this helps and have fun cosplaying Attack on Titan!
  9. How to dye a wig?

    Lightening a wig isn't the easiest thing, and generally is pretty tedious. If you can, I recommend buying a light wig and dying it darker! The best things to use for dying it darker are fabric dyes. Arda Wigs has an amazing section on using RIT Dye and iPoly to dye a wig!
  10. When They Cry 2015

    If there's a meet-up for this I'd love to go! I have Keiichi finished, but maybe I could squeeze in finishing Hanyuu in time.