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    Trombone, penguins, singing, joking, animals, VOCALOID, talking, food, water
  1. Countdown From A Million!

  2. The "Bandwagon" Cosplays

    I think it's just really about what character you relate most to, or just one that maybe you think is super bad-butt or cute, and so you want to cosplay them! I feel that even with major "bandwagon" cosplays/cosplayers, that there are still characters that aren't cosplayed enough within that one fandom. Like, Attack On Titan is obviously very popular, and you have you usual crew of many Levis, Erens, Mikasas, and etcetera. However, do you see a lot of Connie cosplayers? Farlan? Nanaba? Not very likely, and so I think that even if it's from a big popular show, that there can still be diversity within a fandom! I guess all in all, I don't mind either way- As long as the person is positive and whatnot, they're fine! I personally cosplay from Attack On Titan as Armin, actually- I suppose VOCALOID is sort of big too, and I cosplay many variations of Kagamine Len from that. It's not an anime or show, but it's still pretty popular imo.
  3. Countdown From A Million!

  4. Vocaloid 2015

    I'll be Kagamine Len in : DEFAULT Lost Memory (with my KAITO) Love Philosophia and I'm super excited!!! :D I can't wait to see other VOCALOIDS there this year! I'm a first timer so this is really exciting- ; //// ;
  5. Monokuma Mystery

    This sounds great! :D I really hope I'll be able to attend! ; ; I sure do like buttons... > >
  6. Cosplay Divorce Court

    Shame.. ; ; Keep it up though! It'll be great!
  7. Well, I'm planning on debuting Haruhi for this convention actually- ; ; I'm not sure how well I'll be but I'm still willing to a back up or an active member if needed!
  8. Hallo Hallo!

    Ah, everyone is so kind already. ; ; Danke everyone! I really appreciate the welcoming and kind words. I am awfully excited to start off my first big convention with ACen as well! My cousin has assured me I won't regret it, so I'm really looking forward to everything! ^_^
  9. Countdown From A Million!

  10. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    Currently halfway done with Ouran Host! I think I'm planning on No Game No Life next... Though I'm not sure...
  11. Countdown From A Million!

  12. Titan Feud

    Definitely! I hope everything works out and I hope I'll be able to attend! c:
  13. Countdown From A Million!

  14. Countdown From A Million!

  15. Titan Feud

    I concur! This does look like a lot of fun! I hope I'll be able to come too. ; ; I'd love to try and see all of thsi! I also took the surveys, if it's still relevant-