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    Cosplay, crafting, and watching plenty of anime!

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    Fairy Tail (2 cosplays), Fullmetal Alchemist (1 cosplay), Fruits Basket, Soul Eater, Big Hero 6, most Disney movies (1 cosplay), Sword Art Online, Kenichi, Firefly, and tons more!
  1. Disney 2017

    I'm hoping to bring my ball gown Ursula again this year as well! not set in stone yet but hoping :)
  2. Hall Cosplay Contest

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the winners of each category for the hall cosplay contests? And also if anyone knows if theres a way to get feedback on how to improve for next time. it was my first actual contest and it would be nice to have an idea of what to do better. I only found one person that said their group won for Friday but that was it and id love to see the outcome! Just curious. Thanks muchly!
  3. Fairy Tail

    here's the link to my facebook photo album with all the pics I took during sat/sun and the fairy tail shoot! You are welcome to them! Thanks for coming out and I hope you all had a good time! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153610236166938.1073741856.534976937&type=1&l=c3ce793180
  4. Fairy Tail

    Welcome Juvia! since so few people are active on here I went ahead and made an event page on facebook. If you search for ACen fairy tail photoshoot it should come up. last ACen not many people posted on here but the turnout was huge! Cant wait to see everyone!
  5. 2016 Guests?

    44 days till ACen.. im getting worried if we ARE getting more voice actors or not.. id like to have at least a few more.. Anime Midwest has announced more then ACen and they are smaller and not till July! :( I hope they start announcing more soon
  6. Fairy Tail

    Who are you going as? XD And Shastacola85: your outfit sounds soo comfy!!! Can't wait to see everyone!
  7. Fairy Tail

    Looks like we'll be having the photoshoot on Saturday at 3:00pm loading docks A7!!
  8. Fairy Tail

    That's awesome! congrats on joining the guild! :D I hope to meet ya!
  9. ACen Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    thanks for the update! I will ask around and see what sounds good to everyone for the fairy tail shoot :)
  10. ACen Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    has anything been submitted for fairy tail since last updated? Also if possible itd be great to be outside. we had waaay too many people crammed into the lower ballroom area last year to where I heard people were leaving early cause they couldn't get through to be in pics/couldn't take good ones due to crowds. I don't really want to run the shoot, but would it be ok to submit a request anyway? I'd just like to see it in a good timeslot before they all get taken..
  11. Fairy Tail

    Hey Hey! I'd like to start by saying that I'd rather not be the head of the photoshoot but I would like there to be a thread and for us to put in a request :) Whomever wants to run it is welcome to, but I haven't seen any posts so here goes. Who are you planning on going as? And when would you like the shoot? Personally I'd prefer an early afternoon Saturday shoot as Friday already has quite a few big gatherings posted. Hoping we might be outside by the loading docs, last year it got super crowded in the lower ballroom area. :/ I'll be bringing my Erza Scarlet cosplay for sure! Just have to decide between Nakagami or Heaven's Wheel for the shoot. Hope to hear from you all soon!! <3
  12. Disney 2016

    It looks like the Disney group is being put in the ballroom on Friday at 7pm. is that right?
  13. A costume involving soutache?

    you could do any of the Disney princesses too. I've seen some beautiful versions of belle and snow white with a filigree/floral design across the bodice and hem of the dress and things like that. just another thought :D
  14. Complete novice and weight.

    definitely do props, head pieces, shoes, jewelry, wig styling, etc. as soon as you can start. The main parts i'd say about 3 months before as well. it wouldn't hurt to have some things started before then if you know you can alter it easily. Another idea is you can always make the outfit with something cheap like a sheet or muslin first (as early as youd like) just to test it out so when it comes time to get the actual one done you know where to put seams and could even use the test as a pattern! You could even make it slightly adjustable too (if the outfit allows) One of mine has a corset with a hook and eye backing so it can adjust a bit, and my skirts are easy enough to pinch in :) I've already started on mine, but im also planning on continuing weight loss so I plan to keep with making what I can adjustable :) Congrats on the weight loss too btw! You are doing great!!
  15. Disney 2016

    That'd be so great! I'm working hard on finishing my Ursula cosplay and i'd love to get in a shoot with it. Taking a slightly different route then the usual one people take for her so I hope it goes over well ^_^