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  1. Noragami photoshoot?

    Omg! I saw your 2015 Lineup and you're going as Kageyama!? Me, too! I totally love him! <333
  2. 21+meet up?

    Thank you for the link! :) Same! I'm always open to making new friends.
  3. Yay! So glad that there's this kind of event. It really helps people make more/new friends. You can honestly meet some great people at cons. Thanks for making this!
  4. 21+meet up?

    I see. I'll make sure to keep myself updated. Thank you! :)
  5. 21+meet up?

    It's my first time attending Anime Central and I would totally love to make new and more friends within my age group. Anyone know if there's going to be a 21+ meet up at the con? Or if anyone is going to make a friend finder thread? :)
  6. Noragami photoshoot?

    Yay! I'll be Bishamon :) If I catch you, we need a photo!
  7. Yu Yu Hakusho 2015

    Ahh! I love, love, LOVE Yu Yu Hakusho! It was the first anime I fell in love with! I don't see many YYH photoshoots. I might be Yukina that day! Any Kuwabara's going? :)
  8. Just curious, anyone planning on cosplaying from Noragami? :3