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  1. Soap Bubble/Synergy Question

    Ok. Thanks for the reply. Nothing will be in the head and I'm over 18 and always bring my ID and badge so that shouldn't be a problem. I remembered people bringing some things in last year but I just wanted to make sure this was allowed. Cool.
  2. So I was wondering in terms of what you can bring into Soap Bubble/Synergy would something like, for example, a deadmau5 head be allowed in if I'm wearing it? It doesn't say anything about it on the rules portion but I would rather not be told I can't bring it in when I'm in line. Also in case size is an issue there are no ears on it that sick out. Any input would be appreciated. :)/>
  3. Looking for a Room Reservation

    I might be interested in one of the rooms depending on which one (might) remain. If you make any deals and have an extra room I may be interested so just let me know what you guys do.
  4. Pokemon 2016

    Ok will do.
  5. Pokemon 2016

    Yeah that's fine. I've been a bit busy so I just now saw your posts. I'm down with the two docks as well as I did assume there would be a lot of people for it.
  6. Pokemon 2016

    Alright so since the time slots are available what are we thinking. Since you mentioned that there was one on Friday and Saturday I would assume the same thing could be done. So like one on Friday and one on Saturday(which I assume might be the larger one). Time wise for Friday I don't think it would matter too much, but if we did one on saturday then I feel like we should avoid the heavier time slots(12-2) since we might get less of a crowd. Any thoughts?
  7. Pokemon 2016

    Ok thanks for the info. I don't really care whether I run it or not but I just wanted to get a conversation going so the date/time can get set sooner and people can voice opinions and whatnot. I assumed the groups would be large(as they are for other cons too) but if you want to we could both run it or at least one of them if there are going to be two again this year. For now though I'm just trying to generate some discussion since it's still a bit early.
  8. So I was at ACen last year and I roomed with some guys and I'm looking to room with others again. I just think that looking now would be better than looking later on I guess. Anyways, I'm looking to stay two nights( friday and saturday). I would prefer my roommates to be all guys but I don't really care too much. I'm pretty easy to get along with but I'm not looking to party hard or anything just looking to have a fun time at the con. Preferably at the Embassies, Doubletree, Crowne Plaza, or Hyatt. I am open to other options close by though. Just message me here or directly if interested. I check here quite often so I should be able to reply quickly. Thanks. :)/> If you're also looking to get rid of a room then I might also be interested as well depending on when/where. Edit: messages are working again yay!
  9. Pokemon 2016

    Hello everyone! So I never actually participated in this gathering last year but I thought id get the ball rolling. Looking to see who/how many people would be interested in helping get this shoot together. I led a few shoots last year but again just thought id start this one. I'll be cosplaying as Morty of the Ecruteak Gym and Deadmau5 Gastly for Saturday and Sunday right now but the dates can change if need be. So what's everyones plans???
  10. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    So I know someone kind of asked the same question here but no one seemed to answer it. I have a scythe prop that is my height(6'3) and basically is right under the acceptable limit I believe. My question is that I have a sling for it so it can hang on my back and i'm wondering if it would still be allowed since when I attach it to my back the handle will have to extend higher(about 6-8 inches upward). I'm not sure if this would be a problem or not. In case anyone is wondering(maybe this could help) it's Hidan's Scythe from Naruto.
  11. Durarara! Photoshoot

    I don't really have a problem with it, but wouldn't it be better to do it towards the middle of the day maybe? I'm not sure if there would be issues with panels or not during the earlier hours, but I would assume an earlier time between 2-4 would be better. I'm also curious as to why you choose 7pm.
  12. Durarara! Photoshoot

    That seems helpful. I really don't have a preference when/where we would hold it but I think it would be a good idea to get it into the program.
  13. Durarara! Photoshoot

    Yeah I feel like there will be a decent turnout this year. I'll be going as either Shizuo or a genderbent Celty.