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  1. DanMachi 1 & 2

    Hello! Was wondering if anyone will be cosplaying DanMachi? Please check out this post: https://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/47557-danmachi-2-tan-twin-cosplay-sister/page__p__1146088__hl__danmachi__fromsearch__1#entry1146088 I'm looking for a friend to cosplay the Hiryute twins from DanMachi Thank you!!
  2. Hello Darlings I'm looking for a sister, twin, fellow birb to cosplay the Hiryote Twins from DanMachi. I am quite fair, but getting tan pretty quick and I have dark hair with light eyes (will get contacts). Reply if you're interested, i'll upload pictures of myself for reference (my picture is the profile pic, but my hair is darker now) and I live around Arlington Heights, IL. We can order pizza and make costumes or just meet at ACen, if interested: I'm Anessa and my skype is sintijux ; snapchat is anessask ; discord is Anessa#9125 You will definitely be able to reach me through either of these in 24 hours or less, or you can comment bellow or pm me and we can exchange numbers ( i just don't check this forum as regularly). Tiona 1 2 Tione 1 2 I'd like to mention I'm not sure which day I'm going yet, I can't make it on saturday, most likely friday. OH OH and... if anything.. I might go to Midwest so this could be a plan for that. Thank you for your time!! Have a wonderful time at ACen!~
  3. 3DS Friend Codes

  4. Digimon?

    My boyfriend is cosplaying WereGarurumon and I was thinking of either doing Lilymon and then Rosemon next year or Rosemon this year.
  5. Hello there! I figured there's very little of a chance this might actually happen.. But I recently began watching Utawarerumono and there were these two girls/twins that I found very pretty and quite easy to cosplay. I was wondering if any girl would like to cosplay them with me, you'd be able to pick which one you'd like to be as well. Thank you for your time! Here's some pictures of them: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/utawareru/images/5/59/Saraana_and_Uruuru_Game_Portrait.png/revision/latest?cb=20151002212327 (wouldn't let me post the pic)
  6. Searching for anime

    Noone? q.q
  7. Searching for anime

    Help q.q I saw a video of Katsucon and there was this girlie with adorable white/pink hair and I was wondering if anyone knows where that cosplay is from?
  8. Glomp Clause

    Understandable, understandable.. Even though I don't mind being glomped/hugged/touched -w-
  9. Seven Deadly Sins ( Nanatsu no Taizai )

    That would be fantastic!
  10. Tokyo Ghoul 2015

    Ureshii desu
  11. Final Fantasy (2015)

    Possibility of cosplaying Rikku from FFX Ù©(๑â›á´—â›à¹‘)Û¶
  12. Hunter x Hunter 2015

    ijgjdflk, I thought I won't see a HxH post here, sankyuu ♥♥♥ I might cosplay as a character, haven't decided which one yet though.
  13. Ohayoo~ ٩(。•ω•。)و I was wondering whether anyone will or might be cosplaying as a character from this new ongoing anime? So far two people including me are going as Meliodas and Elizabeth.
  14. Tokyo Ghoul 2015

    Might go as either fem or not Kaneki or Uta, also possibly Juuzou (。◕‿◕。)