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  1. Roommate Needed for Double Tree

    Hi are u still looking for someone to room with. I'm 36 non smoker social drinker who's been going to cons since 2017.if u like to add me to FB my name is sarah aistrope.
  2. looking for a room

    Imlooking for a room for ACen hoping for thr-sunday(Leave on monday) but will take any room i can find as long as it's within walking of the con hotel (because i dont drive
  3. Looking to maybe share Embassy room

    are you still looking for a roommate?
  4. Vampire court

    I know there's a formal ball already but i would Love to do like a mix of Vampire larp and ball with a royal court and drama. I just need to know if anyone else would go to it
  5. 2015 Photo Thread!

    Here's mine sorry I didn't get that many because I was staff. ACen 2015 Also if any got any of me as Steam punk Mara Jade I had on a white shirt a brown corset brown skirt and black tights and carried a blaster and lightsaber Or Pretty pretty princess Castiel from supernatural (I was carrying a sign that about the pizza man and the babysitter and had a pink crown) let me know so I can get them. Thanks again everyone!
  6. I have a \housing probem. HELP

    nm I worked it out it staff you can delete this post thanks
  7. I have a \housing probem. HELP

    SO i'm staff and i got a room for thr-sunday but i found out not for sunday night my train leaves monday morning..and i dont have the cash to get a room. If i cant find a room i wont be able to come this year....
  8. 2015 Photoshoot Bookings Open

    are you booked up I tried to fill it out and it says I cant :(
  9. star wars cosplayers

    any star wars cosplayers coming this year?
  10. I'm not 100% sure i'm going to be able to get time off work but i'm working on it. currently working on finding a room that's semi close to the con hotel. we are taking the train from Iowa so we will come up thru evening and leave Monday morning. Little about us I am a 32 year old female who has been going to cons since 2007 and have attend over a doz cons so far. This will be his first con. He is a smoker but will go outside to smoke so none smoking room is fine. Please let us know thank you Faye lee
  11. Hilton Rosemont

    Hey panda still have room? i'm not 100% sure i'm going to be able to get time off work but working on it and looking for hotel close let me know here or email me Fayelee_Darkclaw@yahoo.com Thanks a lot Faye
  12. Doctor who skit idea

    I have a amazing idea for a skit (not 100% sure i'll be able to go to ACen yet) but I need one of each of the doctor and a Rose. If I do the tenth doctor would any other doctor cosplayers out there would like to do this skit with me it a really easy skit.
  13. Do you want your photo shoot listed in the program?

    Any chance we can get a list of what shoots are already submitted I want ro do a supernatural but want to make sure it isnr submitted already
  14. Do you want your photo shoot listed in the program?

    dont know if anyone will come or will dress up but just did star wars photo panel