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  1. Anime and kawaii recipes

    I've never had a Japanese cheesecake, but after searching it, now I really want one. I just came up with the standard recipes like this one on a search: http://en.christinesrecipes.com/2011/02/japanese-cheesecake-fluffy-creamy.html I'm not much of a baker, so its a bit intimidating to make myself, maybe I can find one I can buy at one of those Japanese grocery stores.
  2. Thanks! That DOF calculator is really great, I can really see how little I was trying to work with.
  3. Hey no problem JujuFox, I appreciate the feedback. I'm working in a cramped space, I was using a 35mm f/1.8 CCTV lens on a Sony NEX-5T (its like a $40 16mm film lens adapted to APS-C). This thing is only really sharp in the middle, so sitting off center may be softening me a bit (at least I spared everyone the actual texture of my skin). I can try stopping it down, I just didn't want the stuff in the background to be too in-focus. The lens is manual so there is no auto focusing, sadly my arm is not long enough to adjust the focus and sit in place, so its a bit of trial and error. My other lens options are a bit too wide or too long to use in my little apt, but I can try different set ups and backgrounds. Hopefully my comfort in front of the camera will improve with practice. I'll try mixing up my tone as you suggested. I shot everything with little or no prep, all in one take (which is probably evident). Having some bullet points to glance at is actually a good idea, plus it can help me focus on reducing my "umms". Part of the reason I decided to try this was to become a better speaker actually. Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. which series have you re-watched the most?

    Berserk is the show I rewatched the most (mostly showing to other people before the age of streaming). It is tied for my favorite show of all time, now with Bakemonogatari (which is much newer). I also have rewatched Record of Lodoss War a lot (partially because I've owned it for so long) and Seitokai Yakuindomo (though just random episodes, its so funny).
  5. Hello Everyone

    Thanks for the welcome everyone (and the pocky/cookies, god could I use a real afternoon snack right now). I'll definitely get more days in next year, I really don't have an excuse since Rosemont is like a 20 min train ride for me. Maybe I'll check out the photo groups next year (I did not even know that was I thing until I saw it on the printed guide), though I sort of like just snapping spontaneous pictures with people I run across. Also may be a good idea to print up some cheap cards, so all those people I take pictures of can find their pictures after I upload them.
  6. So I just started a new youtube channel with two short vids on and . I'm limited by my utter lack of editing skills and software, so its probably going to be all talking head style vids for me. I do put some sort of effort into getting the sound and image nice looking though. I want to avoid giving spoilers or detailed recaps etc. So within those limitations, if you have any suggestions for improvements or suggestions on video topics, I'd appreciate it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYRnubg_mHK5Y5S_cmw864Q I'm trying not to retread the same ground as other anime reviewers and view count is not really a big concern to me (so I'm avoiding any click baiting), as long as the content is good and the people who do watch find it enjoyable. I find this channel is sort of a companion to my written blog.
  7. How do you eat...?

    Chocolate Coronet - ? never heard of this, now I have to google it. Pocky: Top to bottom, I take little bites, like pacman Oreos: Only with milk, have you had the peanut butter filled ones? OMG.
  8. C2E2 2014

    Just joined the forums, but I was taking pictures at C2E2 just in case anyone wants to look for themselves. https://www.flickr.com/photos/32347652@N06/sets/72157644498402625/
  9. Tumblr Users

    Hello All, its nice finding other Tumblrs. Here is mine: http://jonuiuc.tumblr.com/
  10. looking for cosplayer

    I took a couple of shots of her too, but I have no idea who she is.
  11. Hello Everyone

    Hello all! Jonathan here, from Chicago (Logan Square). I went to my first ACen this year, just on Sunday, and had a great time. Next time I'll go for the whole weekend for sure. I have only been to comic book conventions in the past, but I've always loved anime. I started shooting photographs for my blog at C2E2 and decided to give ACen a shot. The cosplayers were all amazing and friendly, now I can't wait for next year.
  12. What Series keep you on the edge...

    This is a little out of left field but episode to episode Golden Time was killing me with anticipation.
  13. Need List of Anime

    Hello, what sort of streaming services are you going to watch anime on? Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, etc. all have different sorts on anime available on them. Based off the anime you listed, maybe try Moriboto: Guardian of the Spirit (good animation and action, strong story, swords), Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (great animation and story, future). I find it hard to recommend Darker than Black 2, (loved the first series) the second series looks just as good, but the story was meh for me. You may like Kill la Kill if you enjoyed the crazy style of FLCL. Check out Myanimelist.net People can use this to rank all the anime they have watched from 1-10, so depending on howmuch you agree/disagree maybe you can find more things to watch through that site. That link is my personal list.
  14. Photographers

    Photographer name: Jonathan C. (jonuiuc, Reasonable Fan) Website: http://jonuiuc.tumblr.com/ Gear: Sony NEX-5T, CCTV 35mm f/1.8, Sony 20mm f/2.8, Canon FN 50mm f/1.8, Sony 55-210mm, continuous lighting (indoors only) and external mic/recorder for video. Work example: My Flickr Album Hello, its too late for ACen 2014, but I'm always trying to shoot. I'm an amateur photographer/videographer based out of the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago. Examples of my work are in my links. My favorite set of photographs are in my Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) album. I'm always trying to improve and make the subject look as best as I can. If you would like me to shoot your cosplay or related event, feel free to drop me a message. If our schedules match up I'll be glad to shoot you for free just for the practice.
  15. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    Uploaded all my WCS Finals photos to a google plus account. I didn't put it in my normal Flickr photostream because I loaned my friend Andre an extra camera and he shot about 50% of these, but we can't remember who shot what. If you wanted some pictures of this event, here they are: https://plus.google.com/photos/115287773586610014291/albums/6019620692391957105 If anybody would like to be tagged just shoot me a message. Also if you are ever in Chicago, Logan Square or thereabouts, and want to shoot some photos, I could use the practice at portraiture, so drop me a message as well.