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  1. Average Wait For Badge Line

    I've been going to ACen for a lot of years (Since 2004 if I recall correctly) and the line ride can vary depending on the day, time, and technical issues. I think the longest I've ever ridden the line ride was about 2 hours after the door opened, but that was several years ago. The shortest was about 10 minutes. But I also usually got my badge in the earlier years on Thursday evening. Will Call is the way to go as it's much faster than registering at the con. Sadly I'm not going due to financials and Hyatt and Embassy selling out in under 3 minutes. :\ (My preferred hotels) Enjoy the con!
  2. AMV shedule?

    Unfortunately I didn't get to go this year, but I have missed the AMV stuff in the past couple years. My favorite event was always Iron Editor which sadly hasn't been at ACen for a few years now. It was always a guaranteed room filler. Plus the other late night AMV events were always a hit and filled the room. But 18+ events do generally fill to capacity. I remember my first ACen 12 years ago. Huge AMV room and tons of ppl in it. Each year it the room it was in was progressively made smaller and smaller till it ended where it is now. I forget the reason, but I do remember there being something several years ago with the entire AMV crew leaving for some reason or another. It was a sad day for AMV's at ACen.
  3. Yes, Thursday May 15th to Sunday May 18th. I always book Thursday. Less stress that way as well as less traffic to deal with.
  4. Just booked mine. Pretty painless. Had to find the dates though. They were hidden in the forums! :P Managed to snag a double with all my usual room preferences. :) Gotta love being a gold passport member. Just had to give them my member # and all my details are ready for the reservation. :) So now I'm booked for the 15th - 18th. And yes, I do arrive on Thursday. Extra day is definitely worth it.
  5. Hyatt shady food charging?

    I ate at the Hyatt a total of 4 times. Thurs Lunch, Thurs Dinner, Fri Breakfast, Sun Breakfast. The thurs lunch and dinner were as expected for price. However I was surprised when I went to Fri breakfast that there was no con discount as there had been in previous years for the buffet. This is the first year in quite a number of years they did not have a con discount on the buffet. As such, I kept my restaurant eating to a absolute minimum. I also only paid cash for all my food.
  6. This will be my 10th year for ACen. I still remember when I first went. A few tips: Get your badge Mailed to you. That way you avoid the mercurial line ride that is registration. Some years, it moves quick, other years....well I won't name the horror that was lineageddon. That was the last year I picked up my badge. Fortunatally lineageddon was on friday and I got my badge thursday which went very smooth oddly enough Bring Food, it's cheaper than eating at the hotels. I find the easiest thing that provided plenty of nutrition to be a can of Spagetti-O's and Meatballs + a Spoon. Can eat it quick, doesn't need heating, and you can be on your way to the next event in short order. But that's my quick food option. :P/> Bring at the very least a few hundred dollars for the dealer room and/or emergencies. And food if you eat at the restaurants. Also, make a list of what you are after and shop around. Some booths have better deals than others. Especially on DVD's. Depending on when you'll be arriving, I always recommend Thursday, scout out the events you want to go to to see where they are at. That way you won't get lost. If you choose to go to an event that is likely popular, get there early and enjoy the line ride while you wait. Be sure to plan your schedule to include the occasoinal 30 min to 1 hour cat nap during the day. You'll feel better for it. Especially on those nights where you are booked solid on events from 5pm to 2am. :P/> Eat Breakfast every day. Even if it's the hotel buffet. (I room at the Hyatt and their breakfast buffet is pretty good.) Be sure to understand where to get on and off the Hampster Tunnel Ride depending on what hotel you are at. The Hyatt is pretty easy, but I know one of the other hotels that has a single small elevator to access it, I forget the name of that hotel but it's across the street from the Hyatt. A large bulk of the video rooms/panels/events happen at the Hyatt. If you are rooming at a different hotel, be sure to scope out the Hyatt for where events are. It can be confusing to some. At the same time, you can scope out the two places to eat there. The O'H American Grill (Open all day) and the Red Bar (Opens at 4pm). There is also a Ala Carte food offering at the Hyatt during the evenings. It's cheaper than the two Hyatt restaurants (At least 1/2 the price), but the food is not as good. Hope that helps.
  7. What Shall We Watch, 2013 Edition

    My suggestion of Last Exile, Fam the Silver Wing should definitely be doable now. They just recently announced a release date of April 30. ^_^v
  8. Anime Hell Back In The Big Room

    I'm in full agreement with most of what's already been said. I am a long time attendee. This will be my 10th year in a row coming to ACen. Every year is different as I look back. Some years are really good, other years are more lackluster depending on various things. For instance last year, I was dismayed about the AMV room situation and the lack of Iron Editor. It's the main event on Sat that I attend. Despite that, I did enjoy last year and Anime Hell was one of the highlights. Last years content was extremely good. But as others have said, the room it was put in was on the small side. Looking back, I think the biggest issue I've always seen is that in the time before Anime Hell starts, there is a distinct lack of preparation time allotted. Some years, when it was in the main ballroom, events were allowed to run over prior to Anime Hell. As such, there was much scrambling to prep it before people were being let in. Thusly the event ended up starting late. Sometimes upwards of 30 to 45 mins late. I actually had to leave Anime Hell early 3 years ago in order to make a 12am event. >.< What I think would be very nice, is if proper time was allotted to the setup of Anime Hell. Mainly, if there is an event in the same room before it, end it at the designated time, even if it's running over. Plus, give at least 2 to 3 hours before it to set the room up properly. It takes time to get video and sound equipment setup, do tests on it, put out the chairs, etc. The other improvement would be with those attending Anime Hell. If you allot say 2 to 3 hours beforehand for setup, then maybe about 30 mins to 45 mins before the event, start letting people in. So that by the time the event starts, most everyone is in and sitting ready for it to start. I've seen Anime Hell get a late start for that reason too. In addition, organize the line somewhat. Last year's venue was a logistical nightmare for the line. Eventually they organized it to a single file line along the wall, but not before it was practically one large mass of people waiting. You are going to have people lining up whenever, and you can't really do much about that. But what can be done is to organize it from the beginning. Setup a designated start place and path for it to follow regardless of the venue. Or 1 hour before, just let people in and start sitting. By then that part of setup should be ready. Last bit of advice. Invest in some bullhorns for the staff monitoring the people and lines for these big events. That way everyone can hear them if there's an announcement that needs to be relayed. The human voice can only be heard so far without amplification.
  9. What Shall We Watch, 2013 Edition

    Also, with Kalafina being the band this year, it would be super sweet if somehow we could get a premier along the lines of Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie 1 and 2. ^_^v
  10. What Shall We Watch, 2013 Edition

    Hrm...How about... Shakugan no Shana Season 2 Kobato Angel Beats Rozen Maiden: Ouverture Dojin Work Highschool of the Dead Kampfer Puella Magi Madoka Magica Cat Planet Cuties Is This A Zombie? Bodacious Space Pirates Simoun Oreimo The World Only God Knows Shangri-La Also, poke Funimation about Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing. Would make a good premier. P.S. Also, please say we'll be having a decent AMV room this year with Iron Editor and such. Pretty Please! @_@
  11. Hyatt Parking Issue

    Yea, I noticed the list myself when I got there on Thursday around Noon. They couldn't find my name on the list even though I'm certain it was there as I did have a room reserved at the Hyatt under my name. They were nice about it though and let me in anyway. I blame the oddball spelling of my last name. :P And of course, you don't dare leave once you are parked until Sunday. I always make sure I hit up Mitsuwa before I go to the hotel. ^_^
  12. AMV Room? Help us Unka Josh

    Its located where the video rooms are. The Lindberg room i beleive.
  13. So is there going to be an AMV room somewhere? Don't see anything listed in the program book or the guidebook app. If there is one, where will it be? Or are we SOL this year? Help Unka Josh, your our only hope. Note; Nevermind, I found it.
  14. ACen Guidebook

    Yea, theres still some schedule errors. Saturday Night Parody panel and Hentarmageddon are still listed on Friday.
  15. ACen Guidebook

    Also noticed the 'Saturday Night Parody Panel' is listed under Friday's panel listings. Might want to have a QC of the listings. I'm sure there are other ones listed under the wrong day.