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  1. My Little Pony 2015

    This is the only logical one I can see the Bman posted, I'm one of the coordinators for it. Granted seeing it's a first time for everything, there's going to be Hiccups and stuff along the way, by no means am I perfect nor anyone else, but this is what we came up with seeing Guidebook and ACen didn't plan for a MLP shoot this year. My biggest concern was that there was going to be tons of people around the loading docks, which will be crammed of people of all other fan groups. This location Bman picked is right across the street from the hotel and in a nice area instead of having metal doors as a backdrop, least we get to utilize nature at its finest. Hope to see you all there, and just follow the link on Bman's post above ^-^
  2. Follow our Event on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1594178694175014/ Ask questions if needed and stay up to date with changing plans!! Far as Friday and Saturday locations go, we were able to find a location that's close to the convention area and would deem away from other Cosplayers, meaning we have our own area without the confusion and crowded atmosphere, the surroundings look great from Google Earth and should be photogenic for all. We tried to keep the location close and away from crossing major streets or anything (Safety is number 1), this location does look like it crosses an off ramp, I'll be checking the area throughout the day Friday and Saturday to see how the traffic is and to see whether it will jeopardize public safety. If you have Google Maps, which is standard on all Android and iPhones, all you have to do is click the embedded link in this post and it will load the location for you automatically. The scheduled times right now are 5pm - 630pm (with the possibility to extend till 7pm depending on crowd), this should be enough time to get all Cosplayers of the same Ponies, Pets and Ponies, Mane 6, Villains and so forth. Whatever photos you want, we will have the time to do so. In the event of a rain out, which according to the weather, provided from www.wunderground.com, Friday is a 34% chance of Thunderstorms around 5pm and Saturday a 63% chance of Thunderstorms are 5pm. The location for the Photo shoot indoors will be held in the Donald Stephens Convention Center, 2nd Floor Ballroom. I've checked the Guidebook app and it looks like there's a possibility that one other Photo shoot will be taking place on Friday around 5pm if it does rain, Saturday there is no Photo shoots scheduled in that area. Picture on the Maps (Guidebook and Paper map) will be at the lower right labeled 2nd Floor Ballroom Donald E Stephens Convention Center. In the event the ballroom location is taken, we will gather at the Fountain outside the Convention Center as a final resort. I want to apologize personally for making this long, just wanted to give as much information as possible so there is no confusion seeing this is an unscheduled gathering that we are trying to make happen. Any questions please don't hesitate to message me personally as I'll help in any way. Spread the word with fellow Friends and Ponies, let's make this happen!!! Location for the Photo shoot Outdoors: https://goo.gl/maps/A4pDh Indoor location: 2nd Floor Ballroom, Donald E Stephens Convention Center Thank you all and see you there. Shawn Wagner