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  1. Video Gaming Feedback Thread?

    Oh ACen....it was so much fun!! I went to Anime Iowa last year with my friends and this is my first year at ACen. I will definitely be looking into going next year. <3 My friends and I stopped by the game room briefly, but we didn't get to stay very long. I <3 video games so I wish I had scoped out the room more. However, as all of us con goers know, con stank/smell can get pretty bad in some places and it seemed especially bad in the game room which is why we left. I know there's only so much one can do but having some Lysol or Febreeze handy may prove helpful in the future. I hope you had a nice time! ^_^
  2. Ps3/360 Online Id's (merged Topic)

    My PSN is AshleyLiz *hence my username* :) Most of the games I play are single player, but I do play a lot of COD and Resident Evil online. I'm always looking for more people to add! If anyone drops me a friend request, let me know you are an ACen person!
  3. Hey Hey Hey! ^_^

    Hey everyone!! ^_^/> My name is Ashley. I just got back home from the convention yesterday, and I absolutely loved it!! It was so much fun and the dealer's room was awesome!! This is the second convention I've been to but my first ACen convention. I thought I'd give a shout out to everyone! I'd love any friend requests so feel free to drop me some.